PR is the art of influencing perceptions and building communities that spread the news of success. It is also a science, requiring a special understanding of how stories are most effectively shared across the broad spectrum of public media.M2.0 Communications offers a free and ever-growing collection of downloadable PDFs, tools, and worksheets to help you navigate the tricky world of PR.


What You Need to Know About Social Media Platforms
in the Philippines

With 67 million Filipinos on Facebook alone, social media has become an essential marketing medium. Yet Facebook isn’t the only social network, others like YouTube and Instagram have proven more effective at reaching targeted consumers. Which platform should your brand use in the Philippines?

6 Key Takeaways from 2017's Philippine Digital Metrics

6 Key Takeaways from 2017's Philippine Digital Metrics

Investing only in traditional PR is no longer cost-effective. People’s itch for entertainment and news are being scratched by online outlets; they’re no longer confined to publications or radio and TV shows. They’re leisure hours and attention has been divided – with millions already watching and reading online. For businesses, it’s time to make the leap and incorporate digital into your PR arsenal. Here’s an infographic to help you understand why.

The Value of Social Media

The Value of Social Media

Social media has become an integral part of modern PR because it enables direct brand contact. That said, the key to a successful strategy in social networks relies on maximizing engagement, rather than likes or follows.


A Comprehensive Report on Consumer's Online Behavior

The Philippines is a social networking pioneer, presenting unique challenges and opportunities for enterprising companies.

A well-rounded strategy covers the full breadth of mobile, digital, and social channels.


Storytelling - the Next Big Thing for your Brand

Since the dawn of history, humans have used stories to share their views of the world, narrate personal experiences and inspire some of our greatest achievements. Storytelling taps into an important part of each of us that is all too often suppressed in adulthood: our imaginations. Here's how you can make this work for your business.

Rodrigo Duterte | The Punisher | Time Magazine

Duterte's PR Genius

Doy Roque, CEO and founder of M2.0 Communications in Quezon City, explains how the hardline uncompromising new president of the Philippines won over so many local hearts with a message that is alarming the international community.



On Influencers and Online Videos

Influencer marketing is defined as the act of partnering with individual/s who have access to a significant audience and strong influence within that particular segment. But how does this really work? In this infographic guide, M2.0 details the important statistics you need to know to make influencer marketing successful for your brand.