Philips LED: #MayMagagawaKa

Empowering Nationwide Change


The Challenge

The Malampaya natural gas plant provides enough energy to fulfill 35 to 40 percent of Luzon’s needs. Unfortunately, a maintenance shutdown was impending, possibly pushing the entire island’s power grid into a crisis for 30 days. To help lighten the pressure on the grid, Philips aimed to encourage the entire country to conserve energy.


The Idea

When it comes to easing enormous energy demands, numbers matter—which is why the campaign needed to go viral in every major city and province in the Philippines. Since strong emotions and positive responses are the cornerstones of viral content, the campaign needed to go back to that classic PR strategy: to inform and empower.

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The Execution

M2.0 Communications developed thought-provoking story angles to elicit strong emotions about the upcoming crisis. But it wasn’t all doom and gloom: There was the consistent message that there is something that we can do, and that many others are already doing the same.

The content was released in carefully planned stages, beginning in Metro Manila before moving to major cities in key provinces, including leading publications in Metro Cebu and Metro Davao. Local content and activities were produced because they bring the sense of crisis and the need to act closer to home.


The Results

As the countdown to the Malampaya shutdown approached, the media campaign produced 80 pickups from top tier outlets in just 4 months. But more importantly, millions of households nationwide have awakened to the necessity of embracing energy saving solutions and in their own small way, this nationwide initiative contributed to the easing of the crisis.