How our PR Agency reintroduced a struggling app into the Philippine market


The Challenge

LINE is a popular Japanese instant messaging application for smartphones and other electronic devices.

With an ambition to spread across the world, LINE Corporation entered the Philippines, the world' social networking capital with many avid users of IMs. However, it only met with a lukewarm reception. After a few months, the company wanted to reintroduce its flagship product to the market.

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The Idea

M2.0's philosophy depends on reiteration, learning what went right – or wrong – in the past and improving on it.

The agency studied LINE's initial strategy and determined that in the Philippines robust IM market, it needed to explain and demonstrate its benefits to its target audience to convince people to try it out.

We held two round table discussions with IT and Business media to discuss the products capabilities and future plans. We also took advantage of the coming TV launch to expand its demographics from IT and Business people to the general public.


The Execution


The Results

LINE became a popular smartphone application, receiving better reception in the Philippines than elsewhere in Southeast Asia.

The application's relaunch was amply covered in print and broadcast channels with a hundred media persons in attendance.