How our PR agency created viral content to capture young hearts


The Challenge

For years, Jergens has been the mature women first choice for a moisturizer.

Unfortunately, other brands have made inroads into the valuable youth market, casting Jergens into a dwindling niche instead of being the brand for women of all ages. 


The Idea

Young women (and men) have one thing that's almost always on their minds: love. But like other things in life, nobody knows when it’s coming and the form it will take.It's a mystery that everyone wants to solve, even if it's not theirs.

Enter Christine. She was looking for the love of her life, a man whose name she didn't know at first. M2.0 fleshed out her character and gave her life.

The campaign began as a video blog of Christine's burgeoning romance. Jergens' connection was initially hidden to allow the story to stand on its own without any preconceived brand notions and to heighten the mystery of the blog's producers.

The agency then drew mass attention outside social media and the Internet by holding events, such as Rose Fever, where teal roses were handed out in schools, BPOs, and BGC.

When the romance and the mystery was about to be resolved, M2.0 held a media launch for traditional and new media to encourage more people to watch the story and to prepare long-time fans to tune in for the finalé.

To continue the campaign after the reveal, the agency engaged fans through Facebook and held contests such as How I Met My Jorgen that rewarded the winner with a yacht trip for a date – after inviting the special someone through a flash mob.


The Execution


The Results

The videos proved a hit with Jergens' target demographic who quickly identified as Christine in their own romantic story.

The events helped boost viewership by connecting with more people, especially those who hadn't heard the story yet.

When the romance and mystery was resolved during the media launch, it became a large sensation with mobbing press eager to learn the truth and spread it to their readership.

After unveiling the romance and mystery, the campaign continued to engage and convert die-hard fans. Most importantly, sales of Jergens grew in the younger market.