Shifting public perceptions and stakeholder expectations can transform seemingly dormant issues into corporate pitfalls. In an increasingly connected global market where social media allows issues to arise unexpectedly, M2.0 Communications helps companies anticipate and maneuver around controversies for their benefit.

Identifying Issues

Brands can’t afford to be on the wrong side of history, especially now with change happening at a faster pace due to the growing prevalence of digital technology that’s connecting 7.3 billion people worldwide. Companies need to protect themselves from emerging trends as well as environmental and regulatory changes that can shift a company’s bottom line for the worse. Issues management helps companies that encounter challenges as in the following situations:

  • Transportation companies facing traffic challenges that compel them to review current practices and technological options
  • Companies confronted by climate swings and environmental degradation as they take up stewardship to protect important biomes
  • Enterprises that need to anticipate government policy changes that may affect business operations

Presenting Solutions

Navigating unexpected issues entails constant surveillance of emerging trends and a finger on the public pulse. Our PR firm combines digital, print, and broadcast monitoring, an extensive media and government network, and comprehensive PR campaign expertise to help your company face pressing issues.

M2.0 offers:

  • Public affairs communication
  • Government relations
  • Content development
  • Media relations
  • Round-Table-Discussions
  • One-on-one interviews

Matching a Specialist Team to Your Needs

M2.0 taps the expertise of in-house specialists who are specifically chosen to form a team that can understand your issues and achieve your objectives.

  • Account management experts to provide strategic counsel and ensure the attainment of KPIs
  • Media relations liaisons to connect your brand with strategic media influencers and political leaders
  • Content specialists to help position your brand and explain your stance on issues that affect your company