M2.0 believes that success
starts with measurable and
data driven outcomes. 

M2.0 strategizes campaigns hinged on good storytelling but come
with measurable and data-driven goals on the media buzz we can create
for your brand. We pride ourselves as an agency that guarantees the
results you require. 

Public relations and digital marketing is what we do best. We go through
great lengths to craft strategies that are guaranteed to communicate
your brand message effectively. 

M2.0 provides solutions,
not just services


Consumer Communications
Creative storytelling is the best way to get brand messages across to your target audience. 


Digital Marketing
The main screen that people use is not the TV anymore. It’s either their mobile device or PC. 

Crisis Management
Agile and responsive communication tools to effectively deal with unforeseen situations. 


Blogger Relations
88 percent of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. 

Corporate Communications
Effective communication strategies ensure better dialogue between companies and stakeholders. 


Issues Management
Creating future-proof campaigns against identified potential corporate pitfalls.  

Advocacy Communications
Highlighting important issues that are otherwise drowned in the sea of daily news. 


Events Management
Creating meaningful experiences leaves a good imprint in the minds of consumers.