The main screen that people use is not the television anymore. It’s either their mobile device or their computers. It’s their go to resource for news and entertainment. In the Philippines alone, 44.2 million people are active Internet users and there are 114 million active mobile connections. Traditional broadcast and print media are constantly being challenged by the new media of blogs, YouTube, and Facebook. In the face of the rapidly changing communications landscape, M2 Social provides companies with digital marketing solutions to help them penetrate the digital world.

Digital Problems

From a niche communications network, the Internet has transformed society and business. The connections, networks, and followers built by digital media have proven pivotal in the success of public relations and marketing campaigns. Digital marketing helps your company harness the potential of the World Wide Web to increase your sales, revamp your image, and engage with your costumers in the following scenarios:

  • Consumer brands that want to engage -- and expand -- their fans in social media
  • Companies that want to integrate social media into their PR strategy to influence more people
  • Lifestyle brands that need a new relatable face and tap online influencers for their brand ambassadors
  • Businesses that want to convert their sizeable online fans into sales
  • Little-known brands that want to raise brand awareness through increasing online visibility

Digital Solutions

Direct engagement with the consumer is the real power of digital media. Brands can tell their story directly to their fans without any intermediaries. Our PR agency helps you create an online persona that can easily relate to your customers, pacify their complaints, and increase sales conversions.

M2.0’s integrated approach online employs different strategies:

  • Social media management
  • Brand ambassador management
  • Digital PR
  • Website Design and Development
  • SEO
  • Online ad placement

An Internet-Savvy Team

M2.0 professionals are digital experts, even natives, who specialize in different aspects of the Internet and business. We always provide you a team with the right mix of expertise that can help you attain your objectives.

  • Account management specialists ensure that all relevant KPIs, such as page views and search rankings, are met and provide strategic counsel and regular updates
  • Media relations experts reach out to bloggers and online publications, and identify strategic channels for releasing, seeding and publication
  • Content writers formulate copy and engaging phrases that generate likes and shares
  • Graphic designers create arresting visuals according to your brand guidelines