A clear, coherent message impacts the bottom line by influencing the opinions as well as behaviors of the company’s employees and investors. M2.0 Communications provides the tools and expertise that help enterprises find communication solutions to critical corporate problems.

Problem Scenarios

A beneficial dialogue between a company and its stakeholders can provide a solution to problems plaguing business operations and corporate credibility. M2.0 corporate communications is designed to create that kind of dialogue to help companies undergoing the following or similar situations:

  • A holding company disclosing the narrative of its growing portfolio of subsidiaries and businesses
  • An international conglomerate planning to expand into the local market
  • A local enterprise planning to expand into the international market
  • A company that wants to communicate its present stability and future direction
  • A local licensee or company bringing in a new brand into the Philippine market

Metric-driven Solutions

Data drives corporate success. M2.0 offers solutions based on customized narratives established by in-depth research on your industry and current situation. Not only does our PR agency help your brand formulate stories and programs, we also provide strategic guidance and training to assist your representatives in handling stakeholders and the press.

M2.0’s in-house experts can work with you in developing content and facilitating activities that build your brand and credibility:

  • Content development
  • Press conferences
  • Round-Table-Discussions
  • One-on-one interviews
  • Executive profiling
  • Media relations

Professional Execution

M2.0 organizes the different specialties of its diverse staff to form a team with the expertise to achieve your goals.

  • Account management specialists coordinate with your personnel and keep their eyes on the numbers to ensure your objectives are met
  • Media relations experts provide organizational support when facing the media, including event invitation and identification of friendly channels for release and seeding
  • Content writers streamline your narrative to project the message you want