With Filipino consumers scattered across 7,107 islands, creating a dialogue in the Philippines is a massive brand challenge. Knowing that consumers stand by—and purchase from—businesses they have a close relationship with, M2.0 Communications has been assisting brands in building bridges by clarifying their product or service messaging and dispelling misconceptions. Our PR firm has continuously and successfully engaged our clients’ target audience via the creation of high-quality content that gets published in traditional and new media.

Problems in Need of Solutions

At the heart of consumer communications is the need for brands to create meaningful connections with customers—connections that help provide long-term solutions to complex corporate problems. M2.0 consumer communications can assist brands with:

  • Fickle quarterly sales due to lack of brand loyalty
  • Low product demand because of low brand awareness from consumers
  • Virtual boycotts due to consumer misperception about brand operations or goals
  • An unknown product or service entering a new market

Always Ready Solutions

Your narrative is the key to bridging the gap with your target audience. M2.0 helps you craft and spread your story to make it reverberate in the public sphere. Our PR agency utilizes tested campaign techniques that showcase your narrative and apply them to traditional and new media, where an increasing percentage of the population receives the news.

For over a decade, we’ve been working with brands in building relationships with consumers and communities by conducting:

  • Press conferences
  • Product reviews
  • Media and blogger relations
  • Product launch
  • Content development

Your Own Team of Specialists

Our specialists form ad hoc teams to help you obtain metric-driven outcomes and achieve your goals.

  • Account management specialists align our PR efforts with your strategic goals
  • Media relations experts connect you to the media, handle press invitations, and strategically identify relevant media channels for release and seeding
  • Content writers prepare narratives tailored to your target audience to increase awareness and conversion rate