Reading blogs have become a crucial step in purchasing decisions. 88 percent of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. Considering that the average Filipino blogger attracts a readership of 20 to 30 thousand people who respect his or her opinions, brands need to go to blogs to communicate with their customers. M2.0 Communications assists you in increasing your online presence and reaching out to a growing Internet audience.

Internet Scenarios

With 40 million Filipinos owning smartphones, perusing online reviews to determine the quality of your product or service has become second nature to many. M2.0 Blogger Relations helps your brand gain online recommendations just like in the following scenarios:

  • Consumer electronics companies wanting to tap tech bloggers to review their latest smartphones
  • Newly opened restaurants that want to attract customers through reviews by food bloggers
  • Restaurants that need to spread the word about a special offering or promo
  • Hotels trying to reverse low bookings through reviews by travel and lifestyle bloggers
  • Fashion brands that want to launch a new collection or expand their online presence
  • Children’s products that need help reaching out to mommy bloggers for reviews and testimonials

Online Solutions

A strong online presence leads to real-life success. Our PR agency helps your brand find bloggers who speak to your audience, convincing them to try your products or services with story angles that will pique not only their interests but also their readers’.

M2.0 offers assistance with: 

  • Blogger Outreach
  • Blog Analytics
  • Content Strategy and Development
  • Search Engine Optimized Content

Digital Professionals

Composed of a diverse staff with different backgrounds and specializations, M2.0 forms teams designed to achieve your online objectives.

  • Account management specialists offer guidance and coordinate strategies, keeping their eyes on Internet metrics to ensure that your objectives are met
  • Media relations experts identify strategic blogs and coordinate with bloggers to release stories with maximum impact on your goals
  • Content writers create story angles your target audience can easily relate with to increase the chances of capturing its attention