4 Ways Storytelling Can Help You Ace Your Job Interview

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4 Ways Storytelling Can Help You Ace Your Job Interview

The idea of being interviewed can be frightening for many jobseekers. On top of that, you’re competing with countless other candidates for limited job openings. You might be wondering how to pass an interview and reach the next step for sure.

Why not tell a story during your interview? It might sound more appropriate for a classroom at first, but a well-told story can boost your chances of landing your desired job! Here are 4 ways storytelling can help you ace your job interview.

4 Ways Storytelling Can Help You Nail Your Job Interview

1. Storytelling Demonstrates Your Strengths

When asked to talk about themselves, some interviewees make the mistake of repeating everything on their resume. However, the interviewer already has all this information in front of them. You’ll only waste time if you recite every point on your resume. Instead, tell stories that provide concrete examples of your best traits!

Described yourself as an “organized leader?” Talk about one time your organization skills kept your team together despite a string of setbacks. Mentioned your social media marketing expertise? Tell the interviewer about all the planning and brainstorming that went into your most successful campaign. Don’t worry if you’re a fresh graduate, because experiences from university organizations also count.

2. Your Stories Can Reveal Your Values

You’ve most likely landed the job interview because the company found your skills and background satisfactory. So, during the interview, the interviewer will be focusing on who you are as a person. Will your future colleagues enjoy working with you and having you around? Do your values align you with the company’s mission and vision?

Answer these questions by telling a story. Recount an accomplishment of yours that shows your core values in action and echoes the company’s goals. Your interviewer might be nodding with approval by the time you finish your story!

3. Storytelling Can Help You Stay Calm

Prepare a go-to anecdote that showcases your personality. Then, tell your story at the right time, and you can lighten up a tense atmosphere and create a conversational mood. You’ll come off to your interviewer as charming instead of shy, too.

4. A Good Story Can Make You Stand Out

Your fellow candidates probably have skill sets and backgrounds that are similar to yours. They might also describe themselves with the same adjectives you’ll be using! How do you distinguish yourself from the rest of the crowd?

Just tell a story, and tell it well. Storytelling lets you show off your confidence and communication skills during your job interview. Even if other interviewees have also shared personal anecdotes, there’s no way they’ll be exactly like yours!

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Remember, the interview is your chance to convince HR that you’re the fresh talent they’re looking for. Practice your storytelling technique and time your stories right, and you can be a step closer to acing your next job interview!

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