Valentine's Day Marketing Campaigns That Won Consumers' Hearts

Valentine's Day Marketing Campaigns That Won Consumers' Hearts

Valentine's Day Marketing Campaigns That Won Consumers' Hearts

If your company has its heart set on a Valentine’s Day marketing campaign, be sure you’re truly moving your audience and not driving them away. Why not look at how the pros have done it? Take a lesson from these 7 marketing campaigns that won consumers’ hearts in time for Valentine’s Day.

7 Creative Valentine’s Day Marketing Campaigns

1. KFC’s Song Request (2012)

Image Source:  Awario

Image Source: Awario

As Valentine’s Day 2012 approached, KFC gave patrons the chance to pick the music to accompany their date nights. Customers went online to pick a branch and a date and time. The branch would then play the chosen song in the background while the romantics enjoyed a finger-lickin’ good Valentine’s Day dinner together. How’s that for customer service?

2. Carphone Warehouse’s Fold-Up Bouquets (2013)

Image Source:  Ads of the World

Image Source: Ads of the World

Flower prices around Valentine’s Day tend to be astronomical, making it hard for many people to get choice flowers for their loved ones. British mobile phone retailer Carphone Warehouse gently poked fun at this with a marketing campaign across several newspapers. The company produced full-page ads mostly filled with pictures of roses and wrapping paper. Each ad also contained instructions to fold the page so that it looked like a bouquet. This playfully echoes Carphone Warehouse’s tagline: “We Compare, You Save.”

3. Google’s Parisian Love (2010)

Image Source:  YourEngagement101

Image Source: YourEngagement101

Ever experienced asking Google for relationship advice? Google itself took this to the next level in its 2010 marketing campaign for Valentine’s Day. A short video ad titled “Parisian Love” tracked a love story end to end through a series of Google searches.

4. Uber’s Rose Deliveries (2013)

Image Source:  Uber

Image Source: Uber

On Valentine’s Day 2013, Uber made a short venture into the flower industry as it styled itself as a rose delivery service. Through the Uber app, users could ask drivers to bring a bouquet of roses to a specified location, and the driver would show up in a suit and with a personalized card to boot. These special deliveries might have cost $100-150, but Uber’s romantic marketing campaign caught on anyway and encouraged more people to get the app.

5. Dunkin’ Donut’s “Dunkin’ Love” Photo Contest (2017)

Image Source:  Moving Targets

Image Source: Moving Targets

Dunkin’ Donuts banked on user-generated content for authentic stories in line with the Valentine’s spirit. To join this contest, patrons put up Instagram posts about DD’s role in their love stories, using the hashtag #DunkinLoveContest. The donut chain rounded out its Valentine’s Day marketing campaign by releasing an iMessage card builder, a pair of geofilters, and two new coffee flavors.

6. The Body Shop’s “#SendingAKiss” Contest (2018)

Image Source:  Yotpo

Image Source: Yotpo

Global beauty brand The Body Shop also used the UGC-and-contest combination to promote their newest fruity lip balms. TBS asked patrons to put up pictures of themselves blowing a kiss and tag their friends in their posts. Winners received a set of Lip Juicer balms for themselves and their gal pals, perfect for Galentine’s Day!

7. Jollibee’s #KwentongJollibee Series (2017)

Image Source:  Just Passing Thru

Image Source: Just Passing Thru

Wishing to mimic the success of its Grandparents’ Day ad from 2016, Jollibee released a trio of #KwentongJollibee videos for its 2017 Valentine’s Day campaign. All three videos soon surpassed 5 million views and brought Filipinos everywhere to tears.

Interestingly, none of the ads took the sugary sweet route but relied on the relatability of stories instead, a classic winning strategy for marketing and public relations in the Philippines. The first video, “Vow,” revolved around a man’s unrequited love for his best friend during her wedding, the second video, “Crush,” followed an elderly couple resparking a romance from decades ago, and the third video, “Date,” starred a son who fulfills his dying father’s wish to take Mom out on one last date.

Take your inspiration from these 7 Valentine’s Day marketing campaigns, but don’t forget to put your own fresh twist. Touch the hearts of your viewers, and you’ll reap both an increase in conversions and a welcome boost in brand awareness that can last far beyond this upcoming February.

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