7 Must-Catch Opportunities to Generate Free Publicity

7 Must-Catch Opportunities to Generate Free Publicity

7 Must-Catch Opportunities to Generate Free Publicity

No matter what industry you’re in, your business can benefit from free publicity. Aside from introducing your brand to consumers, it helps position you as an authority in your field, all without hurting your company’s budget at all. If you want to generate free publicity yourself, here are 7 PR opportunities you can’t miss!

7 Ideas for Generating Free Publicity

1. Guest Star on a Podcast

Look for podcasts in your industry and offer to guest star on their shows. Instead of making your pitch all about you, though, build rapport and highlight how the podcast and its listeners can benefit from your guest appearance. This way, you establish your expertise and widen your exposure to thousands of listeners for free.

2. Write Byline Articles for Business Sites

This free publicity idea presents a win-win situation: the site gets quality content from an expert in the field while you can mention your business to regular visitors. As you continue writing, you’ll boost your branding by positioning yourself as a reliable source. You’ll also help your search engine optimization efforts by earning backlinks to your site.

TIP: Make the most of your byline by offering genuinely valuable content for free. Sound more helpful than salesly.

3. Hit Up Local Events

In this digital age, in-person meetings interestingly retain their power to generate free publicity. Keep tabs on announcements for expos, seminars, and fundraisers near you. These local events are brimming with opportunities to strike up chats with bloggers and reporters. Introduce your brand to these people, who can help you gain more exposure. Prepare a bunch of business cards and get ready to do some networking!

4. Build Solid Partnerships

Reach out to influencers, who can advertise you for free to thousands of followers! Come up with pitches that’ll benefit both you and your influencer of choice. This can help you build meaningful relationships, leading to organic endorsements.

5. Fund a Scholarship

Here’s an idea for generating free publicity while changing lives for the better! Funding a scholarship can stir up good will in your community and show that you value the people around you as well as their future. It’ll certainly do wonders for your company image.

6. Announce New Products

Many people like to read about new products that can improve their lives. Feed their curiosity by promoting your latest wares and services, especially if they’re one-of-a-kind in your area.

For a double dose of free publicity, follow up with an announcement about a product demonstration. This will drive crowds to your store, including people who’ve never been there before. Enjoy saying hello to all your newfound potential customers!

7. Run a Contest

A contest is a great idea for boosting publicity, banking on consumers’ competitive streaks to bring in participants. Bakeshops can host bake-offs, publishing houses can invite short story submissions, and salons can put up selfie contests featuring clients’ new ‘dos. If you’re doing a contest over social media, ask participants to tag a few friends or share your posts for a bit more free publicity. For best results, put up a prize related to your business, such as limited edition products or massive discounts.

Noticed something about these 7 opportunities for free publicity? That’s right--they all benefit both you and your audience instead of focusing solely on the sales pitch. Lending a hand, entertaining crowds, and proving yourself to be a reliable resource are classic ways to win people over. Feel free to ask a public relations agency near you for advice on pulling off these 7 opportunities, too. You’ll be reaching out to more consumers in no time!

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