7 End-of-Year PR Opportunities You Should Grab

7 End-of-Year PR Opportunities You Should Grab

7 End-of-Year PR Opportunities You Should Grab

We'll be welcoming the new year in just a few weeks. But even as December speeds by, it's not too late to give your PR one last boost.

Here are 7 ideas to keep you on top of your PR game 'til New Year's Eve!

End Your Year on a High Note With These 7 PR Opportunities

1. Put Up an “Of the Year” List

An interesting list can generate an incredible amount of publicity. Come up with round-ups for the year or best and worst lists for a given industry. Try squeezing a client into one of the “best” or “of the year” lists together with non-competing companies, too. For even more engagement, make this an infographic or a slideshow with illustrations.

2. Reflect on This Year’s Takeaways

Here’s a great idea to put the spotlight on an executive or two and open up new relationships: Collect takeaways from thought leaders in the industry and list these learnings down for audiences to read. This will showcase the smarts of the quoted individuals, so include your CEO on the list and give them the benefit of increased publicity. You can use this for crowdsourcing and outreach as the year ends. Who knows, you might just end up connecting with a future business partner and ending up in one of their round-ups someday.

3. Look Into the Future

Another tried and tested year-end PR strategy involves banking on the general curiosity about what the next year will bring. Make a fearless forecast about industry trends and you’ll have audiences and pubs flocking to your post. To stand out, play devil’s advocate and make a contrarian prediction if it fits your brand goals. This can prevent your forecast from being lumped in with countless similar predictions. Just be sure to back your post with research!

4. Note New Year’s Resolutions from High-Profile Figures

New Year’s resolutions aren’t always something to scoff at and forget by mid-January. Expect a good number of public figures and industry leaders to broadcast their resolutions and wishes for the upcoming year. Prepare additional insights, comments, and other reactions to relevant resolutions, and you’ll have fresh and valuable content at your disposal

5. Conduct a Year-End Survey

The end of the year is a great time for seasonal surveys. Poll your audience on relevant topics: their New Year’s outlook, their consumption habits, or the next product they’d like to see you add to your lineup in January.

Combine this with #1 and you’ll have a user-generated “of the year” list, which is something your readers will look forward to. Take it a step further and you might be able set up a lighthearted tournament, pitching audience favorites against each other!

6. Post a Few Feel-Good Stories

Good news is welcome news, especially at the end of a long year. It’s always advisable to keep tabs on these kinds of stories way before the end of the year, but you’ll still be able to dig up some nice news to share, whether it’s about an amazing CSR project or a good deed around the neighborhood. Share these stories as the year ends--it’ll be like giving your audience a warm hug.

7. Create Your Own News

Have you somehow run out of news to share? Or did your competitors beat you to those high-profile New Year’s resolutions? You can always create your own stories. Team up with a nearby charity and pull off a joint event to end the year with positivity. You might also want to try having a garage sale, holding a contest, or asking employees and acquaintances to walk their dogs together in a pet parade for awareness. Bonus points if you can get your audience to join the fun.

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Have an idea of which one of these 7 publicity strategies you’ll try first? You’d better hurry and schedule a meeting with the rest of your PR team soon!

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