5 PR Lessons from Halloween Movies

5 PR Lessons from Halloween Movies

5 PR Lessons from Halloween Movies

Aside from munching on bucket-loads of candies or Googling low-budget DIY costumes, watching Halloween movies is a great way to get into the trick-or-treating spirit. Some of these films can do more than give you goosebumps, though. You can actually learn a thing or two about PR strategy while getting your movie fix! Here are 5 bits of PR advice that you can learn from Halloween films.

5 PR Tips You Can Pick Up from Halloween Movies

1. Scream: Know your environment



High-schooler Casey Becker answers the phone one rainy night. The unknown caller flirts with her at first, but he soon pulls Casey into a sadistic game. Casey remains glued to the phone, not realizing that the person on the other end is actually in her house.

Lesson: Don’t be caught off-guard, whether by serial killers or unrealistic expectations.

Do your research and become familiar with your environment. For instance, are there any upcoming events that match your client’s message? Are there any reporters who might find your pitch interesting? Or did the competitors have had slip ups that you can take advantage of?

2. Psycho: Don’t lose your way



In the first part of this 1960s classic, real-estate secretary Marion Crane is driving to Fairvale, California, when she misses her exit on the highway. Caught in a rainstorm, she takes a detour and checks in at the isolated Bates Motel. Marion never suspects that this wrong turn has already spelled her doom.

Lesson: Stay in your lane.

While it’s common to develop creative angles or spin stories in the PR industry, you should not lose your message in the process. Stray too far into unknown territory and your path might end in disaster. Stick to what works especially when it comes to communicating your brand’s message.

3. The Nightmare Before Christmas: Sandy Claws can’t fill in for Santa Claus

The Nightmare Before Christmas

The Nightmare Before Christmas

When Jack Skellington stumbles through a portal in a nearby forest, he discovers Christmas and becomes obsessed with its joyful, colorful concept. He later styles himself as “Sandy Claws” and delivers Halloween-style presents on a sleigh drawn by skeletal reindeer. However, the presents attack their recipients and cause chaos. In the end, the real Santa Claus steps in to fix Christmas.

Lesson: Be sure that you’re tapping the right people.

Also check if they actually are the right people, unlike “Sandy Claws” up there. Work with in-depth experts to make sure that your message is timely and appropriate.

4. House of Usher: Don’t be thrown off if the house burns down



Philip Winthrop travels to the House of Usher to meet his fiancee Madeline. His visit quickly goes downhill, however. After almost being buried alive, Madeline goes insane and attacks her brother, and the siblings are killed in a fire that devours the house. Philip can only watch as the remains of the house sink into the surrounding swamp.

Lesson: Have a plan in case you need to start from scratch.

You never know if your current communication strategy will have to be reset. Besides, your alternative plans might turn out to be improvements!

5. The Others: What if you’re the ghost?

The Others : What if you’re the ghost?

The Others: What if you’re the ghost?

When odd events start to take place in her home, Grace Stewart begins to worry that the house is haunted. Her daughter also claims to see “intruders” walking around. When Grace faces the intruders in the end, she realizes that the “others” are actually a family that has just moved in. This family is trying to contact Grace and her children--the spirits haunting their newly-purchased house. Only to realize, that Grace and her family are ghosts too.

Lesson: Realize that you might be the problem.

Whenever you work on something, think about what you’re trying to accomplish with your email, pitch, or project. If you can’t give a clear answer or understand what you want to happen, you’re the ghost. Be honest with yourself. That way, you can be sure you’re not the reason behind the downfall of your pitch.

All Souls’ Day gives Filipinos a chance to spend more time with their families while remembering loved ones who have gone ahead. The celebration is meant to be relaxing, but you can end up having a stressful time if you’re not careful about what you post. Follow these 5 tips and enjoy a safe and peaceful Undas!

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