12 Tools You Need if You're In the PR Industry

12 Tools You Need if You're In the PR Industry

12 Tools You Need if You're In the PR Industry

A career in the public relations industry is difficult particularly when you don’t have the proper tools at hand. Fortunately, like every other form of marketing, PR is constantly evolving – and so do the resources that help you keep up with the change and overcome the new challenges presented.

PR tools are designed to make life easy for you and to uncomplicate it; we’ve browsed through hundreds of options to come up with the best ones available for you and your team. Here, we’ve covered the most useful PR tools that you’ll find handy whether for building relationships or creating a better report.

For Finding Journalists and Influencers

1. Anewstip

Anewstip is a search engine that lets you find relevant media contacts by tracking what they tweet or what they talk about in news articles and other media outlets. It lets you filter your search by time, topic, language, number of tweets and keyword mentions as well.

The tool also allows you to create a media list which you can use for pitching. A paid plan, on the other hand, allows you to track outreach and responses.

Pricing: $19/press release

2. BlogDash

BlogDash is an impressive database of over 200,000 bloggers in a variety of categories. Each blogger has opted into the service so they’re technically waiting to be contacted. The tool offers insights such as Klout score (a numerical value between 1 and 100 that rates its users according to their online influence) and SEO rankings so you can better understand their reach.

Aside from blogger outreach, it also has a lot of other features that allow you to set campaign goals, create a pitch list and monitoring.

Pricing: Starting at $199 a month

3. Muck Rack

Muck Rack is a networking tool that lets you discover and establish contact with journalists. By using this tool, you can search by a media outlet, location, topics or keywords of their tweets and shares. You are also notified when a journalist mentions your brand or link to articles matching your search term.

Upgrading to Pro Plan allows you to build a media list, schedule monitoring email and tweet directly from the tool. It also offers insights so you can keep track of the results.

Pricing: Starting at $199 a month

For Finding Contact Details

4. Connectifier

Connectifier is a recruitment software that scans over a million public web pages to provide more than 450 million profiles in its database. It has a free web browser extension that lets users view a candidate’s details such as email address, among others.

Being a subsidiary of LinkedIn, it is originally designed to connect people and jobs, but it works just as well for gathering contact information for outreach.

5. SellHack

SellHack is an online platform that lets you find contact numbers and email addresses in social profiles. It then automatically builds a prospects list and validate the information using a comprehensive email verification algorithm. It eliminates the guesswork that lead generation usually entails in less the time it would usually take.

A basic monthly subscription for SellHack will cost you $19. It already comes with 150 email credits which means that you are guaranteed with up to 150 emails that will not bounce.  

Pricing: Starts at $19 a month

6. Anymail Finder

Similar to SellHack, Anymail finder verifies real emails to make sure that the emails will not bounce. The results it provides are categorized into: found and verified, found on the web and guessed from a pattern. But, what sets this tool apart is that it offers flexible plans to ensure that you only pay for emails that are fully verified.

For instance, an email that can’t be verified to be 100% real is free. On the other hand, if you have a monthly subscription, all your unused credits will roll over for the next month.  

Pricing: An Anymail Finder account is priced at a minimum of $49 a month.

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For Distributing Press Releases

7. Agility

Agility is a monitoring software that allows you to distribute press releases to more than 700,000 journalists and influencers worldwide. It has a range of distribution options for reaching contacts which you can tailor based on their locations or job titles. It also has a translation feature which allows you to outreach globally.

On top of these, the tool also allows you to monitor and measure your reach either in the traditional, social media or online coverage.

Pricing: All these services are available for a minimum of $350 a month.

8. PRWeb

PRWeb is a service that allows you to create, distribute and monitor your press releases. Once published, your press release will be featured on its website, helping the right people find it.

In comparison to other press release tools, PRWeb is a more affordable option as the pricing will be based on how optimized you want your publication to be. What’s more, you can either pay per publication or sign up for a subscription.

Pricing: For its basic plan, each press release can cost $99

9. Business Wire

Business Wire works in the same manner as PRweb. It distributes press releases to over 89,000 media outlets in 162 countries in 19 languages and allows for photos, videos, links and other information necessary to be in your publication.

Needless to say, it also helps track your results so you can refine what appeals to your readers overtime. It charges based on the reach and length of every press release.

Pricing: A 400-word press release may cost $325

For Finding Media Opportunities

10. Help a Reporter Out (HARO)

As the name suggests, HARO provides journalists a massive database of over 800,000 sources for their upcoming stories. Journalists identify their needs through the site then the sources are notified of this media opportunity.

This straightforward process enables the sources to discover topics related to their industry and experience thus, making it a win-win situation for both ends.

Pricing: The basic subscription for HARO is free but a paid plan costs from $19 to $149 a month.

11. JournoRequests

JournoRequests is a tool that helps you discover PR opportunities. It alerts you – through email – of requests for a source as soon as they are tweeted. It’s an effective way to update yourself with the latest opportunities without spending most of your time on social media.

A paid account enables you to receive instant alerts for requests in a specific category or based on your targeted keywords.  

Pricing: For paid plans, request a quote here.  

12. Radio Guest List

Radio Guest List is somewhat an audio version of HARO – it also connects journalists to sources only it’s for the radio. If you are an expert on a specific topic or industry and interested to be interviewed by the media, you can sign up for email notifications from podcast hosts, influencers and producers for free.

The right set of tools is a key ingredient in the success of your PR career, and having one in your arsenal is crucial in achieving success on the goals that matter most to you.

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