Top 5 Newsmakers of March


As the Philippine weather warmed up in March, the news heated up as well. Events occurred that affected the way Filipinos live, spend vacations, and commuted. Here are the most popular headlines for the last month.


Photo from  ABS-CBN News

Photo from ABS-CBN News

1. Recommendation to Close Boracay Island

Due to Boracay’s environmental degradation, three government agencies recommended the closure of the popular vacation island. Combined with rising allegations of dodgy constructions and of outright disregard of permits, the attention focused on the tourist destination. But the motivation for the closure wasn’t clear cut.

Photo from: ABS


Photo from  Philippine Star

Photo from Philippine Star

2. Palace Suspends Classes in Metro Manila due to Imminent Threats

Last year’s transport strikes continue in the year of the Dog.  But this time, Malacañang Palace declared another class suspension on the day after the transport strike. Allegedly, the threat of a strike was enough to force the government’s hand despite no threat existing.



3. House Passes Proposed Divorce Act of 2018 on Second Reading

As the only country other than the Vatican to prohibit divorce, the Philippines took another step away from its Catholic past. As the Church voiced opposition, the House passed a bill that will allow absolute divorce for unsalvageable marriages.


4. Philippines Withdrawal from ICC

The Philippines’ withdrawal from the International Criminal Court (ICC) drew international ire. President Duterte explained his actions by accusing the ICC as a political tool that is systematically attacking his person and his administration.


5. Merging of Grab and Uber

The two competitors in the Philippine ride-sharing space, Grab and Uber, merged to the surprise of commuters. While Uber commuters are being gently transitioned to Grab services, the Philippine Competition Commission is investigating the deal closely due to concerns that the deal will lead to a virtual monopoly.

What will next month’s headlines be? Will these stories continue or will something new take the spot?

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