Top 10 Budget-Friendly Food Parks in Quezon City

Top 10 Budget-Friendly Food Parks in Quezon City

Top 10 Budget-Friendly Food Parks in Quezon City

Filipinos are foodies by heart-- and entrepreneurs know it! Business-minded people are quick to act on this opportunity by capitalizing on the unending love affair that Pinoys have with food. And as a result, we are now offered a wealth of mouthwatering choices in and out of the metro.

From fast food to fine dining restaurants, overnight markets to food trucks, food deliveries to eat-all-you-can buffets – there will always be a place to satisfy one’s cravings at any given time. But, there is one trend that is seemingly here to stay for good: food parks.

Where to Eat in Quezon City

2016 was the year of the ubiquity of food parks. Since then, this format has conquered the food and beverage scene in the metro – particularly the streets of Quezon City – offering the most Instagram-worthy settings and the widest variety of gastronomic finds that appeal to millennials.

But, having too many choices, you are probably stumped for ideas on where to eat next. So, we zeroed in on 10 most budget-friendly food parks in Quezon City to satisfy your gastronomic cravings without burning a hole in your pockets!

1. North Hive Food Park

Holy Spirit Drive, Quezon City

North Hive Food Park serves various cuisines including Filipino, Japanese, Singaporean and more. But, what makes this food park a standout is the fact that it not only houses over 20 food stalls but also a weekend bazaar where you can score the latest fashion finds at the best prices.

Budget-Friendly Stalls: Shake Eats, Bacon Brigade, Cuckoo Waffles

2. Grub Hub

Congressional Ave, Quezon City

Grub Hub is one of the latest in the roster of food parks in the city. It’s mostly visited for its three dining areas each with different themes and exquisite interiors. Like any other food parks, it doesn’t fall short of food options to offer.  Mang Larry’s and Wicked Kitchen are among the must-tries.

Budget-Friendly Stalls: Aji Sushi, Papa Beer, Miggy Piggy

3. El Neo Garahe

Fairview, Quezon City

El Neo Garahe is not your average garage in town. It boasts over a dozen food stalls to satiate your hunger without overspending. What’s more, it emanates a laid-back rustic vibe that adds up to its welcoming, budget-friendly atmosphere.

Budget-Friendly Stalls: Wrecking Ball, La Calle, Volcanic Plate

4. The Station Food Park

Sikatuna Village, Quezon City

For a taste of different flavors from around the globe, head over to The Station in Sikatuna. This train-station-inspired food place has over 20 stalls offering a range of comfort foods from burgers and grilled meats to desserts. One of the most sought-after stalls here is the Cheese-o-holic which offers affordable cheese dishes.

Budget-Friendly Stalls: Wild Birds, TopDawgs

5. The Food Hive Food Park

Visayas Ave, Quezon City

The Food Hive is hailed as one of the best food parks in the city, offering a roster of crave-satisfying grubs from celebrity chefs including the likes of Rosebud Benitez with her latest venture, Po Bo. Of course, there are other food stalls from promising food entrepreneurs that are equally worth the try.

Budget-Friendly Stalls: Blaze Flaming Sizzlers, La Carnite, Pappare Ristoranti

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6. Sagul Food Park

Teacher’s Village, Quezon City

Sagul Food Park has reinvented the way city dwellers spend Friday nights. It serves an impressive variety of alcoholic beverages along with delectable dishes to pair with. But, the top selling factor of this food park lies to the fact that it promotes local art and music by hosting gigs and activities for indie artists and art-related events.

Budget-Friendly Stalls: Aloha Bowl, Grub Central, Burger Brewsters

7. Happy Tables Resto Hub

Congressional Ave, Quezon City

Happy Tables believes food quality matters the most. This is the reason why its owners have traveled to different countries to ensure that its 17 specialty food stalls will only serve authentic international cuisines for less. Some of these include Katsuro, Amelito’s and Seven Yurts offering Japanese, Spanish and Mongolian cuisines respectively.

Budget-Friendly Stalls: Pizza Stop, Wings Central, Katsuro

8. The Yard

Xavierville Ave, Quezon City

The multi-level food park flaunts its own unique take on food parks: it has container vans stacked together to form three floors to allow for food stalls and extra seating. The vast space also houses a stage for solo artists, bands, and DJs to perform. Its vivid color scheme that is lit up by string lights and neon lights, makes for a great eye candy.

Budget-Friendly Stalls: Epicure, Mac n' Chicks, Burn

9. StrEAT Food Park Commonwealth

Commonwealth Ave, Quezon City

The famous food destination in Maginhawa has birthed to another food haven in Commonwealth, but with a fresh take on its food lineup. The well-curated lineup of establishments in StrEAT offers international flavors such as Thai, Japanese and Korean. The food park experience is completed with regular gigs and open mic sessions.

Budget-Friendly Stalls: Seoul Food Truck, Sakiboy, The Fry Guys

10. The Vibe Gastro Hub

Mindanao Ave, Quezon City

This food park nestled within the stretch of Mindanao Ave. is the answer to everyone’s familiar struggle of deciding where to eat. The attractive feel of the place can be credited to the subway-inspired booths (wagons) which house the food stalls and to the string of lights hanging overhead. There are over 20 food stalls to choose from. A KTV booth is also at your disposal.

Budget-Friendly Stalls: Gee Jay’s, Baypoint, Little Penang

These food parks prove you need not break your wallets to reward yourself a little of heavenly pleasures regularly. Visit any of these food havens and you’re sure to come back for more!

Did you love what you read? Which food parks are you excited to try? Let us know by commenting below!

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