5 Excellent Cars Fit For a Tita


When it comes to cars, the tita has different needs to the typical follower of Top Gear Philippines. Instead of checking how fast it can do zero to sixty, she would look for comfort, space, and practicality when purchasing a car. She doesn’t need a roaring V6 engine to do her weekly grocery run, a high-performance clutch kit to fetch the kids from school, or carbon fiber paddle shifters to get to their fancy dinner date in BGC. She wants something that fits her. Here are the five that are currently topping their list:



Toyota Camry

This vehicle is an easy choice for the privileged tita. It’s a luxury car with the right creature comforts and a powerful motor. It has a relatively straightforward look, nothing too flashy—perfect for her mature taste. It’s also spacious enough to fit four other kumares or her family of five.



Kia Carnival

Minivans are associated with soccer moms, who are, yes—titas! The Kia Carnival falls under this car classification. It can seat eight people; this means she can fit both her kids and pamangkins for outings and field trips. It’s also practical and a breeze to drive, which is exactly what a tita wants in a car. More importantly, it’s safe. In fact, the newer models have a five-star ANCAP rating.



Honda CRV

You might have a tita who drives or owns a Honda CR-V. We don’t blame her, because the car is perfect for her needs. It’s elevated, allowing it to traverse slightly flooded roads. The car (especially the newer models) is pretty sizable, which means it’s safer to be in than a small sedan. There’s a four-wheel-drive variant too, which should come in handy for the annual Baguio trip.



Hyundai Starex

Family comes first for the modern woman and the Starex doesn’t disappoint for this purpose. A tita doesn’t have to worry about her kids fighting over seats or space because this van has plenty to spare. There’s even a version that can seat 15 people! It’s practically a moving house, making it a favorite for titas – and even titos – who have a lot of kids.


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