The Most Emotional Advertisements that Will Bring You to Tears

The Most Emotional Advertisements that Will Bring You to Tears

The Most Emotional Advertisements that Will Bring You to Tears

2017 was the year when brands kicked their advertising game up a notch to produce the most memorable commercials to date. In fact, too remarkable to show that , it’s not only the cinematography or the lavishness of a production that makes a TVC viral, but the story itself that tugs right at your heartstrings.

Filipinos naturally love drama and it’s evident in the teleseryes that dominate the airwaves. So, it’s not surprising when brands are filling in the gaps between your favorite drama with ads that leave you with  tears flowing and your heart breaking.

The question now is: which commercials really became the talk of the town? Here, we summed up 8 of the most emotional ads that likely bring you to tears to this day:

1-3. Kwentong Jollibee Valentine Series

Jollibee has been capturing its time-honored love affair with generations of Filipinos through its commercials inspired by real-life stories. Each shows how the homegrown brand has played a meaningful role that only made experiences more memorable. Among these are its 2017 three-part Valentine series that tackles different kinds of love:


This commercial is a story of an untold love and admiration. It highlights the sacrifices a person will do for love, even if it’s unrequited.


After a heartbreaking story, a commercial that will pick up the broken pieces back together was released online. This time, Jollibee told a love story that persists and wins.

ICYMI: Banking on the attention it received on social media, Jollibee hit back with another chapter to this story which looks back how the lovebirds got together


To cap off the series, Jollibee ended with a family-oriented narrative which centers on a young boy who fulfilled his father’s dying wish for Valentine’s Day. The video earned millions of views within a few hours of posting.

4. McDonald’s: Tuloy Pa Rin

To this day, McDonald’s continues to live up to the success of its phenomenal commercial dubbed as “para sa paborito kong apo” – and the recent among its roster of heartfelt TVC is a story that inspires many to move on and welcome change. It stars actress Elisse Joson

5. Smart Communications: Break down barriers and welcome change!

Despite catering to a country that doesn’t support same-sex relationships, Smart Communications has attempted to promote acceptance of this new found love. This commercial focuses on a gay man who is anxious over his parents discovering his identity. It initially caused a stir but was later well-received online.

6. Globe Telecom: #LetDadKnow

For Father’s Day, Globe has brought to light the usual conversation between a father and daughter: brief and comes only at times of a child’s need. However, underneath his terse replies is a fatherly love that speaks volume through his actions. It leaves you feeling guilty for all the times you could have shown how much your father means to you.

7. Globe Telecom: Mask

This commercial follows the story of a Star Wars fan who wears a Stormtrooper helmet wherever she goes. As the story progresses, the reason behind this rare behavior is revealed, which is both emotional and inspiring. It is part of Globe’s campaign in partnership with Disney Southeast Asia to inspire courage, amidst oddity.

8. Max’s: Debut

To cap off the list, this 5-minute, heart-melting video will leave you in tears.  A clip by award-winning director Brillante Mendoza, it stars actor Julio Diaz as a chef for Max’s and a single father who’s willing to do everything it takes to pull off a simple party for her daughter who is about to turn 18 years old.  

These advertisements confront situations that Filipinos can relate to. It’s one of the many reasons why it is deeply ingrained in everyone’s hearts and will continue to touch hearts for years to come.  

Which advertisement made you cry the most? Let us know by commenting below!

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