Hospitals in the News: 5 Upgraded Facilities and Services


The healthcare industry is one of the world’s largest and fastest growing sectors. It’s no wonder that competition is – healthy. To attract clients, hospitals and others that offer medical care promote the quality of their facilities and services. These five Filipino hospitals have been appearing in the news recently and gaining more public mindshare with what they have to offer:


St. Luke’s Medical Center Introduces New Procedures for Prostate Cancer

Recognized as one of the world’s best hospitals, St Luke’s Medical Center adds nuclear medicine procedures to combat prostate cancer, one of the most prevalent cancers among Filpino men. It can also be used to treat neuroendocrine carcinoma, a tumor that can occur anywhere in the body.


Makati Medical Center Gives Hope to Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease

Not to be outdone, the Makati Medical Center has been accredited by PhilHealth as a Peritoneal Dialysis (PD) First Z Benefit Provider. The accreditation enables more patients with Chronic Kidney Disease to access this much-needed therapy.


Photo from I Am Asian, Official Newsletter of Asian Hospital

Photo from I Am Asian, Official Newsletter of Asian Hospital

Asian Hospital and Medical Center Opens Innovative Ambulatory Care Facility

The recently-opened Emmanuel Center in the Asian Hospital and Medical Center offers improved ambulatory care for outpatients. It’s a multidisciplinary facility that provides a variety of treatments and capabilities under one roof.


Photo from  The Medical City

Photo from The Medical City

The Medical City Introduces Breakthrough Molecular Medicine

The Medical City brought to the Philippines the world-leading Institute of Personalized Molecular Medicine (IPMM). It specializes in regenerative medicine which includes stem cell therapy that has the potential to treat numerous diseases.


Photo from  Media Meter

Photo from Media Meter

De Los Santos Medical Center Establishes New Cath Lab

De Los Santos Medical Center improved their cardiac treatment with the establishment of a new cath lab. The diagnostic imaging system can help visualize the arteries and chambers of the heart, potentially saving more people with heart-related problems.

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