5 Filipino Teleseryes that Made Malaysia Fall in Love


Filipinos and Malaysians may share similar looks and language, but, culturally, the two are worlds apart. Unlike Pinoys, Malaysians have a federal government, drive on the left side of the road, and are not so crazy about basketball. However, there’s one peculiar interest that they both share: teleseryes. Yes, Malaysians apparently love many of our local drama shows! Here are five that became popular there:


Photo from ABS-CBN

Photo from ABS-CBN

Pangako Sa ‘Yo

With the success this all-time classic had in our country, it’s not that hard to imagine that it would do great across the sea. The Jericho Rosales and Kristine Hermosa love team captured the hearts of Malaysians and got them hooked – just like the Filipinos.


Photo screenshot from  video trailer

Photo screenshot from video trailer


The waves that this teleserye made in our country reached Malaysian shores as well. Aside from Malaysia, the Filipino drama based on the 1950s comic character was aired in Singapore and Vietnam too. Here’s a fun fact: Anne Curtis was the oldest actress to play Dyesebel at 29 years of age.



A teleserye about pre-colonial Philippines, Amaya was aired in Malaysia among other Asian countries. Starring Marian Rivera, the show was very Filipino in a nationalistic sense and portrayed a strong female lead. The success of this TV series totally justifies our relentless Pinoy Pride!


Photo from  Canadian Inquirer

Be Careful With My Heart

This drama teleserye about a nanny falling in love with her employer was a hit in Malaysia—there was an average of 1.6 million viewers in the country everyday when it was aired there!


Photo from  TFC    Youtube    Channel

Dolce Amore

Dolce Amore, one of the hottest local TV shows in the last few years, has also gained its fair share of fans in Malaysia. One posted this wonderful #LizQuen fan art on Instagram to show his love for the series!

Malaysian or Filipino, there’s one thing we enjoy for sure: a great teleserye. Be sure to follow M2Comms for more interesting tidbits and useful info!