January 2018’s Top Newsmakers


Although some are familiar, the beginning of the New Year brought new headlines that came out of nowhere. Here are the stories that most people read.


Photo from  Rappler

Photo from Rappler

SEC Revokes Rappler's License to Operate

Regarded as a an attack on Free Speech and Freedom of the Press, the SEC revoked the online newspaper’s license due to alleged violations of constitutional restrictions on ownership and control of mass media entities by foreign agents.


Photo from  Sunstar

Photo from Sunstar

Mayon Volcano Eruption

Last January 13, a steam-blast eruption from Mayon caught the attention of the people of Albay. Fears of a massive eruption ignited, but, fortunately, nothing has happened – yet.


Photo from  Philippine Star

Photo from Philippine Star

Benham Rise Research Deal

Makabayan bloc lawmakers urge Congress to look into China’s marine scientific research in Benham Rise because it looks too similar to earlier joint missions in the West Philippine Sea, which eventually led to China claiming the disputed Spratly Islands.


Photo from  Philippine Star

Photo from Philippine Star

Jeepney Phase Out Begins in January

The phase-out of petroleum-fueled jeepneys has arrived despite protests. Jeeps that are at least 15 years old are being ejected from the streets in a three-year transition period.



DFA’s Fully-Booked Passport Appointment Schedule

A fully-booked appointments schedule has citizens up in arms and brought out new avenues of corruption as bad elements take advantage of people’s desperation for a passport.