5 of the Most Watched Bag Raid Videos in the Philippines

300 hours of video are uploaded to YouTube every minute. Chances are, at least 10 minutes will be in one of the many popular types, such as unboxing vids or how-tos. But one type in particular is taking Philippine YouTube users by storm: Bag Raid Videos. Each one seems to rack hundreds of thousands of views.

The bag raid concept is charmingly simple. A YouTuber goes through or raids her friend’s bag or purse. Since most of the targets are celebrities, this video offers a sneak peek into the things that famous or interesting people need and do to get through their day.

Which ones are people watching the most? Here are the top five:


1. Toni's Bag Raid by Alex Gonzaga – 1.6 Million

Ahead of the pack is Alex Gonzaga’s raid of her sister’s, Toni’s, bag. While the contents of the bag are interesting, many probably appreciated the behind-the-scenes happenings in the Gonzaga household during the Christmas season even more.


2. Bag Raid by Alex Gonzaga – 1.3 Million

Another Alex video is at second place! This time, the subject is her Mommy Pinty. The interactions between the two are the highlight of the video as the two engage in nonstop banter.


3. What's in my Bag | Andrea B. – 1 Million

The young actress Andrea Brillantes raids her won bag in the third most watched video. The perky star’s charm fills the YouTube screen and even she is surprised at the contents of her messy bag.


4. Push Now Na: Alex Gonzaga Bag Raid – 1 Million

Alex Gonzaga appears again! But on this occasion, she’s on the receiving end as Darla Sauler on Push Now Na gets her to open her bag. The two have a hearty talk on the contents with Alex offering an interesting tidbit for every little thing.


5. Push Now Na: Kathryn Bernardo Nag Raid – 880 Thousand

On this Push Now Na bag raid, Darla Sauler raids the bag of one of the most popular actresses in the Philippines and Vietnam, Kathryn Bernardo. It has a revealing look into the tips and tricks that she uses for work.


Brands can discover many opportunities in bag raids. Aside from imitating them, these videos are a great way to showcase and soft sell products in a natural way.

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Good luck on bag raiding!