6 Types of Effective Evergreen Content to Write

6 Types of Effective Evergreen Content to Write

6 Types of Effective Evergreen Content to Write

Traffic fluctuations happen even on the most popular websites. However, this should not be an excuse for having a poor content marketing strategy especially when there’s one great type of content that can effectively reverse this situation: evergreen content.

What is an Evergreen Content?

Evergreen content is defined as a content that is informative and valid for a long time. It may not be as trending as a topical content that provides instant results, but will always be relevant to readers and drive new visitors to your website, long after its publish date.

Good thing, your chances of having some evergreen articles on your website, whether you intended to make them as such or not, is high. However, the challenge is in using it effectively and knowing which type of content to write.

Don’t know where to start?  

Here, you will find some of the most effective evergreen content you can use for your website.  

Types of Effective Evergreen Content

Lists: Regardless of your niche, a listicle (an article in the form of a list) is one way to present a comprehensive information in one post. However, it will only be effective when it’s written in an easy-to-follow fashion, where everything is easy to digest.

How-To: From How to Properly Deal With Negative Reviews to How to Make Your Hashtag Campaign Great, a how-to guide is one type of article that provides a step-by-step information on solving a particular problem. This should help beginners understand a topic and put it into practice.

Tips: Providing tips is another recipe for an effective evergreen content. This topic targets a specific audience and one way to ace on this genre is to reach out to an influencer who can provide an in-depth knowledge about a specific topic.

History: Although historical articles are educational, it should not only attract the geeks in your audience. For this reason, it’s important to present them in a visually engaging way, and a timeline format can work well for this topic.

Encyclopedic Entry: This content focuses on facts about a specific subject. This should provide a comprehensive information on your topic that will not change in the future. An Everything You Need to Know post is a great example of this content.

Reviews: If you’re in the service or product industry, a user-generated content such as a review is something your consumers will appreciate. As this type of article is usually a combination of positive and negative reviews, it will look more natural to your visitors.

It’s important to recognize the importance of evergreen content to your website. Whenever you’re puzzled on what to write about, you can always look to these types of contents to keep you covered.

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