6 Social Media Trends to Expect in 2018


Social media is the new form of PR. These days brand need to be on top of their Facebook pages to stay effective. By knowing the current state of social media—the hottest topics and the trends that shape it—they need to tell stories through posts and videos that resonate with their audiences. If you’re planning for this year’s marketing initiatives, here are six social media trends to expect and prepare for:


Instagram Stories

More people are using Instagram Stories than Snapchat now, and brands have successfully adapted this social media tool and integrated it into their campaigns. GoPro shares awesome content from its community of users. Travel + Leisure engages followers by making them guess their mystery location while giving them multiple hints.


Influencer Marketing

Social media influencers are now the complete package. They aren’t limited to having just a blog or a social media account, they have multiple channels to reach their followers! Brands working with influencers must make sure to align with them when crafting content. If you’re looking to partner with a social media influencer, make sure to adjust your content and assets for long posts (blogs), short posts (social media platforms), and even the video medium (vlogs).


The Rise of Gen Z

Millennials make up the biggest chunk of the working population, but expect Gen Z to be a strong consumer segment as well. They are techno-savvy and practically grew up with social media—you’ll need to be active in your digital efforts to effectively reach them.


Messaging Platforms

Brands will be integrating messaging platforms in their marketing efforts more in the coming year. An example of this movement would how popular movies and TV shows come up with specialized stickers for chatting. Everyone’s use of apps like Viber, WhatsApp, and Line is an opportunity for brands to get in touch with their market.


Facebook Live Videos

Brands are now publishers too. They can interact with their consumers real time through Facebook Live, making it a great platform to engage. Through this medium, you can implement fun activities like AMAs (Ask Me Anything) and interactive demos! Practically everyone is on Facebook these days, so keep this opportunity in mind when planning your campaign.


Governance policies on social media platforms

Governance policies are crucial in regulating social media platforms, especially with so many users today. Inevitably, there will be trolls, scammers, and fake news. Social media sites will solve these by creating rules, and brands should be fully aware of them.

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