8 Top Provincial Newspapers in Mindanao

Mindanao is the second largest major island that lies in the southernmost part of the Philippines. Consisting of six regions, it is generally mountainous and heavily forested. It is the cradle of Mt. Apo, the highest point in the Philippines and home of the Lumads, well-known for its very rich culture. Despite of the fast-paced change, there are still things that Mindanaoans preserve and can be proud of. Despite its diverse culture, Mindanaons sense of community is reflected in its regional newspapers.

If you are planning to reach audience in the regions of Mindanao, these provincial print publications can help you!


Mindanao Times

Mindanao Times started their operation in 1946 which makes them the oldest newspaper in the region. It provides wide variety of news covering business, entertainment, lifestyle, sports, science and technology, and community news. Mindanao Times release its print daily and it has digital version which readers can download for free.



Sunstar Davao and Cagayan

Just like other Sunstar newspapers nationwide, Sunstar Davao and Cagayan publish their print daily. It is printed in tabloid size but has broadsheet-like content covering business, opinion, lifestyle, and sports. Readers who are always on the go can read and view their news through its online site.



Mindanao Daily Mirror

Mindanao Daily Mirror is proud to be the most-read newspaper in the community especially among government offices, business sectors, educational, hospitals, and financial institutions. This newspaper has been in the industry for about 65 years. It releases its print daily and 50% of it is circulated in Davao and the other half is to the rest of the region.



Daily Zamboanga Times

Zamboanga’s very own daily newspaper, Daily Zamboanga Times provides covers top news, inside stories, opinions, social whirls, and PEP talk. Aside from their daily publication, it also has a digital version.



Mindanao Gold Star Daily

Founded in 1989, Mindanao Gold Star Daily has a wide distribution in the region and strategically networked in 24 provinces and 20 cities. Everyday, it produces 60,600 newspapers which are sold not just only in streets but also in subscription. Its news focuses on promoting the island of Mindanao which gave them several awards, including Regional Newspaper Award in 2010 conferred by The Rotary Club of Manila.



BusinessWeek Mindanao

BusinessWeek Mindanao has been publishing news since 2009 with its vision to be the catalyst for development in the region. It covers developmental news and business- related events that can have positive effect to its community rather than sensationalizing news.



Mindanao Daily News

With the motto “The Purveyor of Truth, Justice, and Development”, Mindanao Daily News was born on May 18, 2012. They publish their news daily covering business, environment, lifestyle, and opinion. It is circulated regional-wide specifically in ARMM and in the cities of Butuan, Davao, Cagayan de Oro, Pagadian, Zamboanga. Reader can also access its digital version through their web portal.


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