5 Jo Koy Stories That Filipinos Can Totally Relate To

The hilarious anecdotes of comedian Jo Koy are all too relatable for Pinoys. His wacky tales strike a chord within us because they come from experiences that are uniquely Filipino. Here are five of them that we can totally relate to:


Looking With Your Mouth

Filipino parents can be witty and sarcastic when you least expect it. When Jo Koy asked his mom if she knew where his lost keys were, he was met with a phrase all Pinoys are familiar with.


Crushing Dreams

Filipino moms sometimes have certain plans for their children’s careers and can be pretty frank about it. Jo koy wanted to be a comedian but his mother wanted him to be a nurse like the rest of his relatives. Watch how she crushed his childhood dreams in a merciless way.


The Magic of Vicks Vaporub

When a child gets sick many Filipino parents turn to one cure-all: Vicks Vaporub. Listen to Jo Koy explain the feeling.


The Best Problem Solvers

Pinoy moms always find clever ways to solve problems. Here’s how Jo Koy’s mom solved his insomnia when he was a child.


One Tough Mom

We know our moms always have our back. They aren’t afraid to fight anyone to defend their kids and would whip up a brilliant line or two to make a point.


Jo Koy’s stories are funny because they resonate with us as Filipinos. Storytelling with the same type of resonance can make PR and marketing campaigns with a greater impact. This is especially true when your audience is one of the most emotional people in the world.

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