10 Filipino Comfort Foods for the Rainy Season

The rainy season has come. It’s the time of the year when it’s best to stay at home to relax and enjoy the ‘bed weather’. Aside from extending your sleep hours and snuggling under your blanket, there is a better way to enjoy the cold weather--it’s the best Filipino comfort foods!

In this infographic, you will find a list of the best comfort foods that guarantee to give you the best gastronomic experience during the wet and cold months.

10 Filipino Comfort Foods for the Rainy Season

1. Arroz Caldo

Warm dishes are best for cold days! Arroz Caldo easily claims a spot among the top pinoy comfort foods, simply because it literally gives you comfort at times when you need it most. Whether you’re not feeling well or wants a filling and warm meal to complement a bad weather, arroz caldo never fails. Served plain or with add-ons like chicken meat and eggs, you will easily love the flavor of this Filipino congee.

TIP: Put a dash of cayenne pepper for added heat and spice!

2. Goto and Tokwa't Baboy

Filipinos are known for their extraordinary dishes like intestines, dishes with pig’s blood and famous goto (ox tripe) which is a variant of your favorite Arroz Caldo. It may be hard to tell goto and arroz caldo apart, but there certainly is a difference between the two--their ingredients. Instead of chicken meat, goto comes with ox tripe and pig innards. And as it uses more affordable ingredients, it became popular among the masses because it's affordable and filling. Want to up your ‘goto’ game? Pair it with tokwa’t baboy (tofu and pork) to complete this traditional dish.

3. Creamy Sopas

Definitely one of the most popular comfort foods that are perfect anytime of the day. As proof to its popularity, the ordinary chicken macaroni soup became a typical choice for breakfast or midday snack and is now prepared in various ways to suit a range of tastes and budgets. Usually, it comes with creamy milk, choice vegetables and chicken meat. But over the years, Filipinos became more creative in preparing it and have used ground pork, liver, hotdog or eggs as part of its ingredients.

4. Batchoy

A classic Ilonggo dish that captured every Filipino palate, Batchoy is your go-to noodle soup if you want a satisfying relief from the bad weather. La Paz Batchoy uses noodles that are made from fresh eggs. A flavorful broth, pork slices, innards and vegetables. It can be seasoned with calamansi, fish sauce and pepper, depending on your preference.

TIP: Make it more appetizing by topping it with crushed Chicharon.

5. Batangas Lomi

Also an egg-noodle based soup, Lomi is a famous dish that is originally from the Batangas province. Over the years every province has come up with its own version of lomi.  This famous food has a thick broth and round noodles with shrimp and pork flavor. Some variation includes liver and other vegetables.

6. Champorado

Definitely, a pinoy classic that can give the energy boost you need especially during the rainy mornings. While instant champorado mix is already available in supermarkets, nothing beats the one cooked at home using the basic ingredients: glutinous rice, tablea, and sugar.

TIP: Best enjoyed with dried fish or tuyo flakes, you’ll find yourself craving for more!

7. Ginataang Bilo-bilo

Another classic Filipino comfort food and practically comes with healthy and delicious ingredients, like saba (a banana variant), jackfruit, sweet potatoes, taro and ‘galapong’ (local flour variety). Its flavor comes from the sweet coconut milk that provides added nutrients. It is the ‘warm’ counterpart of the Pinoy halo-halo and can be eaten anytime of the day.

8. Bulalo

How do you spell a hearty and richly satisfying beef broth with corn and vegetables? BULALO, that is. This beef dish is a specialty in Southern Luzon. While the bulalo you love is known for its flavorful beef broth, the original way to cook the dish is by stewing the beef shanks and bone marrow. Salt and pepper are the only ingredients used for seasoning. Along with the change on how it is cooked are the variations on the vegetables used for bulalo. Now you can freely add string beans, pechay, cabbage, potato, native corn, and whatever pleases your palate.

9. Papaitan

While a popular pulutan among beer drinking dads, papaitan is an Ilokano soup that has gained a special place in Filipinos hearts and tummies. While you’d think that it’s bitter, it definitely tastes better than it sounds. While replete with a kick of pait, this is balanced with the sour calamansi juice. Definitely a good stand-alone soup, a pulutan, and if you’re ready for a full meal, it’s also best paired with rice!

10. Sotanghon

This Tsinoy chicken soup is nothing short of giving you the warm and hearty flavor in the cold season. Taste that truly reminds you of home. Sotanghon is a cellophane noodle dish that you can eat dry or hot with chicken broth and oil.

While these didn’t make our list, Filipinos also love these soup and are almost always available at local eateries and neighborhood carinderia.

Molo Soup

A delicious soup with molo noodles and meatballs.


Beef Mami

Another Tsinoy dish of tender beef brisket with egg noodles and vegetables in a bowl of flavorful broth.


Beef Pares

The best of Filipino street food, Pares is a sweet and savory beef soup and garlic topped fried rice

Do you find this infographic interesting? How about share us your thoughts about your favorite rainy day comfort food by commenting below?

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