Summer Advocacy: Reasons Why Your Brand Needs One

For people, taking up an advocacy is difficult. A cause demands commitment in extra work – even if the hours are limited – for no other benefit than to do good. For brands, the hours of extra work can cut into actual productivity. But unlike individuals, there are reasons for your company to get behind a cause for the summer.

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To Make Your Brand Stand Out

In a sea of products and services with relatively similar goals and packaging, it’s very difficult to stand out, particularly in the summer when every brand seems to have an event or a gimmick to entice holiday goers. Fortunately, your advocacy can be used as brand differentiation and as strategy for gaining positive media coverage. There are thousands of causes that require champions in the world; even if your competitor identifies with a cause, you can choose another one or pick a specific cause under a broad umbrella. For example, instead of supporting the environment, focus on clean-up campaigns.


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To Enhance Your Public Image

Doing good has always received acclaim. This is true even for companies – which are often regarded as purely motivated by profit. Sharing another dimension of the brand – and a virtuous one at that – helps the public understand that there is more to your brand than your products. While every other brand is talking about enjoying the summer, you’re being good and socially responsible this season. There is a heart behind the logo – a perception that can be very advantageous to your company.


brand Advocacy Sales

To Increase Sales

Making a good impression on your customers helps increase sales and cultivate brand loyalty. Consumers prefer brands that stand for something they believe in and identify with. More importantly, they’re willing to support these companies’ products and services. In fact, 55 percent of consumers are willing to spend more for products from socially responsible brands. Even if your advocacy is limited only to the summer, being identified with it can last the entire year.


Brand advocacy Customer engagement

To Improve Customer Engagement

A summer advocacy is a great way to engage your customers beyond the usual exchange of goods and services. They can be motivated to perform acts that eventually deepen their bonds to your brand. You can match their donations to the cause or, more summer-like, invite them to an outdoor advocacy event, such as planting trees.


brand advocacy employee engagement

To Boost Employee Engagement

Employees are happy to work for a brand that they can be proud of. And happy employees are more productive. Your advocacy can also lead to team building activities, such as the beach clean-up mentioned before.


Fighting for a cause isn’t easy but it’s worth it – in more ways than one.

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