Reputation Management Series: The Art of Trolling Trolls

While the easiest and perhaps best way to deal with internet trolls is to ignore them, sometimes it’s more satisfying to take the fight to them. But how do you fight – and win – against someone that just wants the internet to burn?


Wield Mockery

Trolls want to feel big; make them feel small. Use mockery. Be creative – and funny – with your ridicule to get others to side with you. Isolate the troll’s most ridiculous statements and hold it up to derision from the entire community.


Bring Out the Books

Fortunately, the best way to mock and ridicule someone is to show that the facts are on your side. Find credible studies and sources that provide the numbers. Not only will this demonstrate that the troll knows nothing about what he’s talking about but also raise the level of discourse for the rest of the community.


Sicken the Appetite

There are times when even trolls have had enough. Take every opportunity to out-troll a dedicated troublemaker and make him feel unwelcome. If you managed to rally the rest of the community on your side, they’ll face continuous backlash and eventually disappear.


Don’t Become the Monster

Trolling trolls can feel great. You’ll understand why trolls do it. Unfortunately, this might make you overeager in trolling people that actually have a point. When the “trolls” can bring out facts that support their arguments and point out mistakes in your statements, maybe it’s time to look at the mirror.


Digital and social media marketers have a duty to protect a brand and its community. Trolls destroy the community through their inflammatory tactics and it’s your call to fight fire with fire. But always remember that the brand and its community is your number one priority.