Summer Advocacy: 5 Exemplary Campaigns

Summer is the time for going out. But while enjoyment is at the top of the list of things to-do, helping other people ranks up there too. But encouraging people to aid your cause during summer requires a great message and fun activities. Here are five examples of campaigns that managed to rally people to their summer cause.

Brand Advocacy - Summer Matters

Summer Matters

Summer offers children tons of free time to run around and play. But children in low resource communities find that this period only leaves them in the dust. To help them keep up, the Summer Matters campaign sought to offer unique learning opportunities. The ongoing campaign continues to get underprivileged children the education that they need to build a better life.


Brand Advocacy - Responsible Summer Job Campaign

Responsible Summer Job Campaign

A healthy country’s economy integrates the youth into the market and one of the best ways to do this is through summer jobs. Finnish Children and Youth Foundation, Alma Media and's campaign challenged employers to provide jobs for young people. In 2011, 74 employers in Finland participated and created a total of 16,000 summer jobs. In recognition, the campaign was named the Non-Profit Communication Activity of 2011.


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Text for Summer Meals

In the USA, many poor families rely on school meals to feed their children. With school over, this resource is in danger. Share our Strength set out to bring nutritious summer meals to children that need it through text donations. It engaged celebrity influencers such as Kourtney Kardashian to deliver the message through social media channels. Its corporate partner, restaurant chain, Arby’s, promoted the campaign in their restaurants while spokesperson Jeff Bridges talked about the campaign in the Ellen DeGeneres Show. At the end, 50 thousand families found a good meal waiting for them.


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Nidec Green Campaign

Motor manufacturer, Nidec, has been doing their part to preserve the rainforest. In Thailand and the Philippines, employees plant trees, especially fruit bearing seed such as mango and jackfruit. Beginning in 2010, Nidec planned on planting 10,000 trees in three years. However their employees planted 10,201 by 2013, far more than their initial target.


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Shore It Up

Metro Pacific Investments Corporation, a holding company, established a foundation to help the more than 36 thousand kilometers of coastline in the Philippines. Beaches are one of the country’s greatest natural resources. Millions of people love them, which help to boost tourism. However, garbage mars their beauty. The Shore It Up campaign is focused on cleaning up the beaches and coasts while also implementing environmental rescue, restoration, and revival activities such as mangrove planting, tree planting, and giant clam seeding.


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