6 Professions that We Should Be Thankful For

A country’s economy relies on a productive workforce and we’re truly fortunate to have tireless Filipino men and women who work at ungodly hours, leave friends and family behind, and risk lives to ensure that the Philippines is not only running, but that it is growing stronger. To commemorate this year’s Labor Day, we’d like to recognize six underappreciated roles in the community:


Blue-collar workers

Without blue-collar workers, there would be no one to build the homes that shelter you, clean the offices you work in, and fix the car you use to get to work. Every construction worker, janitor, repairman, and all other blue-collar professionals deserve a salute from every Filipino for what they do.


Farmers and fishermen

They are the backbone of the agricultural industry. They toil under the scorching sun to produce the food that nourishes us, the raw ingredients that companies use for their products, and the various goods that are exported out of the country. Farmers and fishermen need to be appreciated more for the back-breaking work they do every day.


Medical professionals

Those in the medical field study diligently for years, constantly take irregular shifts, and handle stressful situations each day to keep us healthy and alive. Say a simple thank you to a doctor, nurse, or anyone you know in the medical profession to show that you acknowledge what they do for the country.



Those in the media work to provide us with the newspapers that keep us informed. They work on weekends and holidays (such as this Labor Day!) to bring us the latest issues. Remember them whenever you read about the latest headline or news story.


BPO employees

There’s no denying that the BPO sector has been a big help to the Philippine economy. BPO professionals have to deal with many challenges at work, and you should be thankful for their contributions to the country’s progress and development.



Remittances from our beloved OFWs remain strong. Many Filipinos continue to sacrifice their life at home with their loved ones to provide for their families and give back to the nation. You can show your appreciation by making sure to spend time with them whenever they’re back.


Can you imagine life without them? Take the time to recognize and appreciate these people because they surely deserve it!

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