12 Top Provincial Newspaper in Visayas

Visayas is one of Philippines’ most diverse regions. With 430 islands and 20 dialects, the southern part of the Philippines is a melting pot of culture with influences from its Spanish and Malayan heritage. Despite modern progress and digital form of communication, Visayans managed to preserve their culture and community. One of the strongest proofs of community is the presence of provincial papers as the main source of news and information especially in the provinces’ key cities such as Cebu, Iloilo, and Bacolod.

If you’re looking at reaching communities in Southern Philippines and integrating your brand in local culture, these 12 newspapers might be the tool that you need.


alt="SunStar Cebu"

Sunstar Cebu

Sunstar Cebu has been publishing news since 1982. It is the number one daily newspaper in Cebu with the largest readership and advertisement share locally. Today, Sunstar proves to be one of the major sources of news in provinces across the Philippines. This made them a multi-awarded newspaper, receiving local and national awards.

alt="Cebu Daily News"

Cebu Daily News

Cebu Daily News published their first issue on February 8, 1998 with its vision to be the most respected and most influential community newspaper in the region. It upholds journalistic integrity and ethical standards of the Philippine Daily Inquirer, regarded to be the country’s largest broadsheet, as their affiliate.

alt="The Freeman"

The Freeman

The Freeman is known to be the longest running regional newspaper in the country. It was first published on May 1919 with the motto, “The Fair and the Fearless”. Its mission is to keep Filipinos around the globe be informed with the national news. To keep up with modern times, it now comes in print and digital format.

alt="SuperBalita Cebu"

SuperBalita Cebu

Founded on October 23, 1994, SuperBalita Cebu is one of the publications of Sun Star that focus on news covering opinion, sports, and kalingawan (Fun). It is published in Bisayaand is released through online and print format.

alt="Banat News"

Banat News

Banat News is the Visayan counterpart of Philippine Star. It covers news in Events, Sports, and Showbiz. It is written in local dialect, Bisaya and is also available in online.

alt="The Visayan Daily Star"

Visayan Daily Star

Visayan Daily Star has the biggest readership in Negros Island. It covers news in Business, Sports, Showbiz, and Events in the province. It also gives opinions related to relevant and timely news. Like other papers in the region, it’s available in print and online version.



Bandera is a tabloid managed by Philippine Inquirer publications. It covers news not only in sports and entertainment but it also provides fortune telling and tips in playing lotto. It is circulated daily and has three editions which are Metro/Luzon, Visayas, and Mindanao. It also has a digital version available in their online site.

alt="Sunstar Bacolod"

Sunstar Bacolod

Sunstar Bacolod is pretty much the same as Cebu but it focuses on the Bacolod community. Its news is gathered by skilled and highly motivated news team providing accurate and balanced news to its readers.

alt="Negros Daily Bulletin"

Negros Daily Bulletin

Negros Daily Bulletin has been publishing news since 1960 with the motto “Your Vigilant Community Newspaper”.  It provides news covering features, sports, and significant news in the Negros Community.

alt="Watchmen Daily Journal"

Watchmen Daily Journal

With the motto “Fair without Fear”, Watchment Daily Journal claimed to be the most dynamic newspaper in Negros Province.

alt="Panay News"

Panay News

Claiming to be the biggest publication of daily newspaper in Western Visayas, Panay News envisions building bridges to connect islands in Visayas by providing fast, fresh, reliable, accurate, and complete news daily. This made them the Best Regional Newspaper of the Year awarded by Publishers’ Association of the Philippines Inc. in 2011.

alt="The Daily Guardian"

The Daily Guardian

The Daily Guardian was born on February 1, 2000, manned by Iloilo’s most respected and veteran journalists. They claimed to be Western Visayas’ most read and respected newspaper based in Iloilo with bureaus in Kalibo, Boracay, Roxas, Bacolod, Antique, Guimaras, and Manila.


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