3 Top Newsmakers of January 2017

The New Year didn’t just bring a fresh start; it brought fresh news that drew people’s attention, both good and bad. Here are three stories of January that are still being talked about.

Newsmakers of January 2017 - A Death in Crame

A Death in Crame

The death of Korean national, Jee Ick Joo, in a kidnapping extortion scheme gone awry in Camp Crame caused an uproar last January. Such a grisly crime in the heart of the Philippine National Police put law enforcement’s reputation on shakier grounds as criticism of police actions rose to new heights as the Korean embassy displayed their concern at their other nationals remaining in the Philippines. With revelations of similar rob-extort crimes perpetrated by the police, the administration has acted to quickly punish the suspected officers in response.

Newsmakers of January 2017 - Miss Universe

Miss Universe

Filipinos love pageants and Miss Universe is the biggest of them all. Millions tuned in to watch 86 of the most beautiful women in the world compete for the crown and see Steve Harvey give his sincerest apologies to Filipinos. At the end, Pia Wurtzbach relinquished the title to Ms. France, Iris Mittenaere, after a narrowly defeating underdog favorite Ms. Haiti, Raquel Pelissier.  

Newsmakers of January 2017 - Trump Took Office

Trump Took Office

On January 20, Donald Trump was sworn in as the 45th President of the United States. While supporters cheered, opponents took to the streets in various protests. The newly inducted President wasted no time in signing a slew of executive orders that drew outrage from the opposition but upholds campaign promises to his electorate. His cabinet nominations also drew the same divided reaction. 

But the true point of interest isn’t the battle between those who support the new President or not, it’s the battle of narratives. With the majority of the media constantly criticizing the President since the previous year, Trump has successfully labeled them as the ‘opposition’. While antagonizing the media might seem counterproductive, it strategically diminishes the role of the Democratic Party, his actual political rivals. More importantly, remember that Trump rose to the presidency with massive support in social media, especially in dark social. His war with the mainstream media has become a proxy for the conflict between traditional, centralized media with decentralized, social media.


Of the three, which drew your greatest reaction? Leave a comment below!