5 PR Trends that Worked in 2017


Disruption through tech and social media is continually transforming the field of Public Relations. New PR trends have risen rapidly to meet peoples’ need to consume and share meaningful stories but not all have been successful. Now that it’s well into 2017, it’s becoming obvious what trends have the most influence and here are five of the most important.


Fact Checking Is In

With accusations of fake news all across the media last year because of hotly contested elections here and in the US, responsible people have become more careful in sharing news in their social networks. As media outlets and fact-checkers are plagued with allegations – even proof – of bias, people are clinging even more to organizations they trust. Big winners in the Philippines include sites that they deem credible, like Rappler, and online equivalents of traditional media, such as Inquirer and GMA News.


Reputation Management Is Needed More than Ever

But media trust isn’t the only one affected by fake news. Reputations have been hit and are having a hard time to recover. The difficulty doesn’t just lie in the news but in social media. Anyone can comment and say something damaging to your brand and be easily seen by thousands of people in a second. Protecting a brand is harder than ever and only a thoughtful plan of action that prepares for everything can be effective.


Quality over Quantity in Metrics

With thousands of views and other metrics available, the internet and, especially social media, has given marketers and managers access to oceans of data. However, sheer numbers have become less important as much as quality. As targeted marketing zeroes into a particular audience, marks of quantity are simply not there. But this strategy has resulted in better returns. Fortunately, metrics involving stories coming out in the right channels and shares by influential people – these indicate quality and have seen correlations in sales.


Live Videos Are Taking Over

By 2021, over three quarters of the world’s mobile traffic will be video. Not only do people find videos more entertaining than other media, they are regarded by marketing professionals as the type of content having the best ROI. Live videos are a step up from recorded videos and enable greater communication with the audience. Ask-me-anything formats allow all sorts of unscripted questions to be answered while live-streaming an event helps people get a taste of what’s happening even if they’re not there.


Influencers Are Hogging the Spotlight

92 percent of people across the globe trust recommendations from earned media, such as friends, family, and influencers that have built credibility. Influencers who become authentic advocates are crucial to today’s brand campaigns. Takeovers of livestreams by noteworthy influencers are a simple but effective way for your brand to connect with your audience.


These five trends have been making waves in the industry. If you haven't done them yet, there's still one more quarter before the year ends and who knows – one of them might just be the strategy that brings in more sales.

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