4 Key Quantitative Metrics in Your Brand’s Campaign


Have you ever considered fully analyzing the numbers of your PR or marketing campaign? Evaluating the countable or quantitative data can actually tell you how effective your stories are! Knowing and evaluating these values properly will allow you to identify what you need to change or improve in your brand strategy. If you plan to turn your quantitative metrics into meaningful insights, here are four things to take note of:


Good vs. Bad News

Your brand might have a lot of exposure in the news, but is it getting the good kind? If you know how many good and bad stories come out, you can figure out how receptive your audiences are about your narratives and products. It also shows what works or resonates with people and identifies what doesn’t. Remember that the count of positive and negative news about your brand is just as important as the total number of publicity or press releases were released about your brand.


Print Articles and Broadcasted Content

How visible is your brand in print such as newspapers and magazines or in broadcasted media like television and radio programs? While digital is gaining traction in terms of usage, mainstream media is as powerful too. Determining the number of stories released in these different channels is important because this shows who you reach how large your coverage is.


Your Competitors’ Performance

Comparing your performance with your competitors allows you to pinpoint what types of channels you’re behind in and what channels your competitors are most visible. It shows you what you need to focus on. Knowing this type of quantitative data will help you adjust your PR and marketing efforts to stay on top of your industry.


Content Size

Aside from being able to identify the number of existing articles and news about your brand, you can also determine the size or length of each release. This quantitative data tells you how relevant or how detailed and in-depth your brand’s stories are!


Need help tracking and making sense of all the numbers? M2.0’s campaign come with these measurable data through our platform from Media Meter. Because of this, the brands we work with are able to constantly monitor and fully understand both the quantitative and qualitative data of your brand campaign!

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