5 Types of Thought Leaders That Shape Brands


Thought leaders—respected figures who have established themselves as credible sources of information. Tapping them is an effective way to grow a brand’s reputation and more roles are expected to take on this position in the next year! Employees, influencers, partners, and experts will be sharing their knowledge, enabling brands to diversify their content and appeal to more audiences. If you hope to do the same, here are five thought leaders you should consider collaborating with:



Employees make excellent ambassadors of an organization’s culture and work environment. Hearing how great it is to work in an organization from an ordinary worker is more authentic and relatable than hearing from an executive at the top. There’s also a ton of content you can draw from them: those with creative roles can share tips on their ideation process, front-liners can teach how to properly deal with customers, etc. 



Influencers like bloggers, YouTubers, and celebrities can be great thought leaders for your brand as their followers avidly listen and trust them. When a renowned tech blogger writes a positive review for a gadget, he or she spreads awareness for it while strengthening brand credibility. 


C-level Executives

Those atop the corporate ladder are the perfect resource for advice on management and leadership skills. They know what it takes to make it to the very top, making their content appealing to professionals who look to advance or make it big in the corporate world.


Partners and Affiliates

The companies you work with can act as thought leaders for your brand as well. A reputable organization that vouches for you will show that you’re a great collaborator and a trustworthy industry partner. This kind of thought leadership can help you bolster your b2b campaigns.



Experts can help endorse your brand or company as authorities in a certain field or industry. Medical brands, for example, get specialists like doctors to certify their products, validating its effectiveness to consumers.


Implement thought leadership into your PR efforts if you’re aiming to grow and strengthen your brand! Work with them to establish trust with your customers and build credibility.

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