Leaving Digital Footprints Where Your Customers Can Find Them


With almost five billion webpages, it’s amazing that a person can find information at all. While SEO has done wonders in making facts and opinions more discoverable, the fact is the average user only visits 96 websites per month. Additionally, most of their visits occur in a handful of websites which they regularly follow. Unfortunately, this also means that if your brand doesn’t have a presence in those websites, it might not reach millions of potential consumers.

To reach this untapped market, it’s necessary for brands to widen their digital footprints. They can’t rely only on their own website for their marketing.  Fortunately, it’s not as hard as you might think.


Starting at the Top

Aside from those that deal with search, the most popular sites are sites with a social component. Facebook, YouTube, and Reddit easily make the top 10. Surprisingly, further down are online stores such as Amazon. And finally, news sites and blogs. The Philippines follow a similar pattern with Facebook and YouTube simply dominating other social networks.

Source: We Are Social

Source: We Are Social


First Step: Social Media

Because of the hold of social media, it’s crucial for your brand to expand your footprint and visibility there. However, different types of social media naturally attract different types of audiences and different purposes. A brand that wants to reach consumers would perhaps benefit from creating Facebook account while those that want to attract employees or cultivate professionals would find LinkedIn has the best ROI. Other social sites have their specializations; for example, Instagram has legions of fans of fashion, food and travel.

As a video uploading and sharing site, YouTube is special. Videos are very effective but they are also difficult to do. Plus YouTube favors channels that constantly upload. If your brand is opening a channel, you have to commit to it fully and plan content ahead.


Next: Online Stores

The next popular type of site is the online store. Amazon and the Chinese stores that top the charts are virtual markets that feature all sorts of different products. For a company with merchandise, it should be convenient to have items sold in these types of stores. However, your brand would be buried and grouped together with other similar products.

Other brands opt to focus on their products by hosting their own online store. Apple, one of the world’s most popular website, also created an incredibly popular online store that originally supported their retail stores but has brought millions in revenue. If you want your website to gain more traffic and sales, consider adding a store to the site.



Last: News and Blogs

Lastly, news and blogs are essential to your digital footprint. One social network site, Reddit basically aggregates content from news and blogs then lets its users discuss it to death. The big ones, such as Rappler, Inquirer.net, and more, attract thousands of reading Filipinos everyday for their credible news and stories. Blogs can also boast huge numbers and provides readers with honest reviews.

To get your brand into their pages, you need to create stories that attract their interests and build networks to ensure that your emails get read. Bloggers also make wonderful influencers who can act as a bridge for your brands to their niche audiences. They also have several social media accounts that amplify their message.


Don’t confine your digital footprint to one or two sites. Spread out to where your customers can find them.

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