5 PR Trends to Watch Out For in 2018


We’ve seen how prominent trends shaped public relations in 2017: the growing need for reputation management, the rise of influencers, and the use of live videos, to name a few. But the industry is ever-changing, and the next year will undoubtedly point to new directions as brands seek to communicate to their audiences in more meaningful ways. You don’t want your brand to be left behind. Be a step ahead by watching out for these five PR trends in 2018!



The Evolution of Thought Leadership

Thought leadership is an essential part of PR. It allows brands to engage meaningfully with consumers, establish a sense of authority, and stand out in their respective industries. C-level executives—CEOs, CMOs, and CFOs of corporations—are usually those who share their expertise. But as content marketing becomes more and more diverse, expect to see thought leaders from different fields and positions. Partners, consultants, and front-liners can all give insights and share experiences to help the customer or help build the brand identity.


Share-Worthy Content

Because brands can’t really identify what type of content is shared in dark social, it’s difficult to find out what really appeals to their consumers. This huge blind spot will push brands to post share-worthy material that will be publicly shared. These articles shared outside of dark social will allow them to track and identify what resonates with their audience. Brands must come up with content that’s targeted, unique, and eye-catching to encourage public sharing.


Digital Roadmaps

Digital marketing is as effective as ever and brands are embracing it! Campaigns are becoming more and more extensive, covering different online platforms. Brands will be using digital roadmaps to plan their marketing efforts and ensure that their message is consistent in all channels. The digital roadmap was a very important tool in implementing the Paseo Verde at Real online campaign as it was used to effectively manage and publish content in the company’s Facebook page and official website to create an image of an entrepreneur friendly mall.


Positive Engagement

Getting a ton of comments and reactions doesn’t necessarily spell success for a digital campaign. There could be complaints, bad reviews, and negative remarks that could damage a brand’s reputation. Companies are realizing that it’s the quality, not the quantity, of their engagement that matters most. Brands can encourage positive reactions from their consumers by crafting helpful content and by encouraging them to participate in posts.



Comprehensive Campaign Measurement

Expect brands to have a more in-depth analysis of their campaigns in 2018. They will be looking at quantitative data such as the number of articles published, media value, and share of voice as well as qualitative factors like reaching the right bloggers and the types of reactions their marketing efforts get in social media. Brands will need to look at both to optimize the effectiveness of their campaign and make the most out of their budget.


It’s crucial to be constantly up-to-date in the PR industry! Keep an eye on trends and adapt these new methods to stay on top of your competition!

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