Checklist for Measuring PR Campaigns: Social Media Analytics

Social networks have become an undisputable channel for public relations. What was once an add-on has become a necessity to reach 48 million active Filipino social media users.

Unfortunately, measuring your campaign in social media is still filled with misconceptions because the medium is still too new for many brands. Confounding the difficulty in analysis are the numerous tools and the overwhelming amounts of data that they collect. The combination of too much information and too little understanding leave organizations not knowing what to do.

To avoid confusion, M2.0 has compiled a short checklist of the important information that you should look at when reading social media data.


Followers are a social media accounts bread and butter. The number is a good estimate of the accounts popularity and reach. In the beginning, every follower counts. But your fan base will eventually max its potential. Aside from the number, your follower’s gender, location, age, and other information can be gleaned from social media. This will tell you if you’ve been targeting their ideal buyer and help you find clues on converting your followers into sales.

Measuring PR Campaigns: Social Media Analytics - Followers


Likes, shares, retweets, and comments are the most common indicators of engagement. They tell you if people have found your posts interesting and noteworthy. However, it’s crucial to never leave it at just raw numbers. The quality of the comments that you’re receiving are important.  A shared post combined with a favorable comment is league’s better than shared post with an unfavorable one. Always check if you’ve been receiving glowing reviews instead of complaints. If it's mainly the latter, then take these comments as a sign to improve your product or service.

Measuring PR Campaigns: Social Media Analytics - Engagement

Shareable Content

Content is king. It’s the ingredient that helps you get followers and increase engagement. It’s important to assess your content and determine if it’s shareable by your fan base and by normal people. If yes, then that’s a good sign that your followers actually like your content and find them relevant. If not, it’s time to go over your follower’s information and see the kinds of posts that generated tons of engagement to determine what is meaningful for them.

Measuring PR Campaigns: Social Media Analytics - Shareable Content

In the internet, information is power. Don’t be confused with the amounts of data that you’ve received. Focus on what matters and use them to enhance your campaign.

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