Measuring PR Campaigns: How to Properly Measure Your Online Campaign

Digital PR isn’t just about reaching out to bloggers and websites. It’s also about having relevant, shareable stories that are communicated in the right channels. And just like in traditional PR, storytelling in the digital platform should be constantly monitored and measured. To know if your digital PR campaign is on the right track, here are some guide questions to ask yourself:

1. Are you reaching out to the right websites or blogs?

Partnering with the right bloggers and websites will put you where you want to be in terms of market visibility. Know what your products stand for and the right personalities to talk about them. For example, you can’t choose a blogger that specializes in budget finds when your product is high-end. Familiarize yourself on which blogs and websites your audience follows to know where to effectively tell your stories. Pitch to the right media and make your story as personalized and relevant to the blogger as possible.

2.  Do they share your stories on time?

Timing is very important in an effective PR campaign, especially when implementing a promo or riding on a season. Pitch your story early, and ensure that the blogger or website you partnered with releases it on time. Track the scheduled releases as your story could miss an important event, promo, or season, rendering it stale and irrelevant.

3. How many people share your stories?

You may have pitched your story to dozens of bloggers and websites but if they don’t share it on their blogs, sites, or in social media, your online campaign won’t have an impact. More shares equate to more visibility, so measure the efficiency of your pitches to see how well your campaign is doing. Take note, however, that quantity does not equal quality. You also have to check how your brand is being presented. Does it fit your brand’s personality? Is your brand put in a good light

The digital age is very fast-paced and that includes content. It’s crucial to monitor and measure your online campaign to know if your PR efforts are having an effect. Regularly go back to these guide questions to ensure that you’re running your campaign as efficiently and effectively as possible.

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