How Philippine Businesses Can Take Advantage of Pokemon Go

If classic Pokemon was all about catching monsters in a virtual, made-up world, the mobile game spin-off Pokemon Go is all about catching them in the real one. It’s a formula that no one knew they wanted until it showed up in their app stores—and now the app has become the biggest mobile success story ever. Less than a month since it was released, it’s already pulled in more than 100 million downloads worldwide and earns approximately USD 1.6 million in daily revenue.

The secret to Go’s success? It combines a massively nostalgic childhood property (the Pokemon series of video games and anime), with a proven tech (smartphones) and a novel twist (using location services and augmented reality to allow users to “capture” monsters that appear in their phone cameras).

For businesses, this last feature is key. Since With the app officially launching in the Philippines last weekend, here’s how businesses can use the addictive new app to drive new business into their stores!


Turn it into a meme.

Get instant social media cred—and traction!—by making a cute, tongue-in-cheek post about Pokemon Go.

You can also encourage players who visit your location to tag your business along with the #PokemonGo and #PokemonGoPH hashtags.

Drum up a promo centered around Pokemon Go.

With so many Pinoys now playing Pokemon Go, your business can run promos and giveaways that revolve around the game. This will give them added incentive to do their monster hunting around your store, or use your product while playing the game. You can integrate hashtagging and location check-ins into your promos, as well.

Make safety alerts.

Because Pokemon Go users can become so engrossed in the game that they forget to pay attention to where they’re walking, institutions, publications, and agencies (both public and private) can release safety bulletins and reminders on social media. The MMDA, ever quick on the trigger, has already done this…


…but even Xavier School in San Juan had to release their own important memo.

Find out if your business contains a Pokestop, and talk about it on social media.

Using existing geographical data, the game sets up “Pokestops” and “Pokemon Gyms” in real-world locations. Needless to say, if your shop or restaurant is one of these, you can expect foot traffic to multiply. If you’re one of these lucky businesses, don’t be shy to advertise on Facebook or Instagram!

It’s a given that thousands of thousands of Pinoy players will get on Pokemon Go craze in the weeks to come. It could prove to be a marketing gold mine for your business, so you should start strategizing now.