12 Career Quotes from the Game of Thrones

With Game of Thrones’ show-stopping Season 6 wrapping up on a high (and bloody) note, the gripping fantasy drama is hotter than ever. As we wait for Season 7, we’ve compiled 12 quotes from the show that inspire us in our work. (It’s not a coincidence that you’ll be seeing a lot of Lannisters in this list.)

Cersei Lannister

Let’s begin with the show’s title drop. While the climbing the corporate ladder can be a cutthroat exercise, most of us don’t have to die while doing it. To get ahead, however, you need to play as if your life depended on it.

Tyrion Lannister

While the show made its name with prodigious sex scenes, make no mistake: this is very sophisticated drama. This diminutive Lannister’s quote is a very cultured way of saying, “Be proud of who you are.”

Arya Stark

You may be afraid of taking new responsibilities or jump to another career altogether, but fear can hold you back. Don’t be afraid.


Even if you’re just an office drone, you have the opportunity to influence your company in very large ways. Use it to your advantage.

Tywin Lannister

If you walk the walk, you don’t need to talk the talk. Be competent, let your peers and superiors judge your work, and you will get noticed.

Tyrion Lannister Lines

Criticism and a toxic work environment causes good employees to leave—not a good outcome for any company that wants to establish any long-term impact. Find qualified people, appreciate their contributions, and treat them fairly.

Cersei Lannister Lines

Let’s give a hand to all the capable women in the workplace.

Tywin Lannister Lines

Don’t let haters get you down. If you’ve got a good idea, run with it and prove to the world that you’re right.


Everyone in the workplace is a stakeholder with dreams. Work with them to fulfill their desires and they will help you rise to the top.

Tyrio Lannister Quotes

Don’t let your mind deteriorate. Read, attend seminars, and keep your brain and skills sharp to ensure that your work will always be valued by the market.

Arya Stark Quotes

Mistakes occur in the workplace as much as anywhere else. But they’re not often fatal. Learn from them and grow stronger.


You really don’t, especially if you’re just starting. Be humble enough to know the ins and outs of your job.

Can you tell who said these quotes in the series or the books? Share them in the comments below and share others that we might have missed.