4 Awesome Dad Blogs To Browse On Father’s Day

Father's Day

It seems that mommy bloggers have taken over the blogosphere, enthusiastically sharing their experiences and parenting expertise to other moms. However, let’s not forget the other side of the gender equation, too. Here are four best Pinoy dad blogs that are worth a read!

Daddy and The City

Daddy and the City

Since 2011, Daddy and the City’s Jinoe has been a full-time blogger, husband, and father. His blog has collected tons of content about the parenting life. Like other parenting blogs, it’s filled with parenting tips and experiences (including posts about cooking!), plus movie and restaurant reviews. This dad blogger also reveals his inner geek in his reviews of comic books and mobile apps.

Online Dad

Online Dad

Online Dad is a 2015 Bloggy’s Nominee. Billed as dad’s online parenthood guide, it talks about the challenges of parenting and pregnancy, along with solutions that help the family overcome the problems they present—all from a father’s point of view. The blog also reviews travel and food destinations for the entire family.

Daddy Doodle Doo

Daddy Doodle Doo

Written by a dad who came home from abroad to rediscover both the Philippines and the joys of fatherhood, Daddy Doodle Doo follows Alvin Adarne’s adventures as he goes adventuring around Manila. Our favorite post? His quest to find parking spaces.

Daddy Yashiro's Journal

Daddy Yashiro’s Journal

A blog by Marco Polo Demo, he talks about life, parenting, and his young kids, Maki and Gelo. Like many fathers out there, he takes as much interest in his kids’ toys as they do. His writing also reveals a spiritual side that guides his blogging and views on parenting. He also reviews movies, events, and other interesting topics.

While there are definitely more mommy bloggers out there, it’s high time daddy bloggers take the spotlight. Have more suggestions for daddy bloggers we should read? Leave a link in the comments below!