Top 5 Trends for Digital PR in 2016



Digital PR injects PR into the upcoming digital realm. However, new media is vastly different from the old, especially in regards to news discovery and user feedback. Digital opens new possibilities that weren’t possible before. Despite the differences, the mission remains the same: help organizations and individuals communicate with their target communities while raising the value and visibility of their brand. Here are five digital PR trends that will increasingly take the spotlight in the coming year.

Blogger Outreach

Blogs are commanding an ever wider Filipino audience and the most popular bloggers command a readership of 100 thousand or more. They have become thought leaders in their particular niche and their fame makes them ideal brand ambassadors. Digital PR needs to go beyond traditional outlets and maximize the myriad people expressing themselves on the net.

Social Media

42 million Filipinos regularly post, comment, and share on Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks. Posts spread virally all the time, allowing a well-crafted message to reach every corner of the world. PR needs to step up to the social media challenge and begin communicating directly with the public instead of going through the print or broadcast.

Content Marketing

The Internet loves compelling content in all its forms because it raises discussion and provides entertainment. Writing press releases and articles have been a staple of PR but online writing requires greater variety, from measured opinion pieces to clickbait articles. PR has to top itself to stay ahead.

Search Engine Optimization

Search engines are crucial for online visibility because search is most basic tool for web navigation and discovery. PR needs to master SEO to ensure that the message finds its way to the target audience.

Thematic Online Campaigns

Creating a meaningful digital experience is effective at gaining followers and customers. Thematic campaigns enable brands to devise an experience that can be replicated in different online media, such as websites, social media, and microsites. The encompassing nature of the campaign helps the brand saturate the target public with its message.

Digital PR will continue to gain in importance as traditional media continues to shift, but only as it continues to adapt their strategies to the web.