Top 5 Things the Next President of the Philippines Should Fix



On Monday May 9, 2016, Filipinos will elect their next President – along with half the senators, members of the House, and their local government. Voting is one of the most important rights and responsibilities of a citizen. Whoever holds the Presidency will have the power to influence our country’s course for the next 6 years as we develop our economy and integrate with the ASEAN.

The President will be faced with numerous problems. Some of them existed even before the 1986 Freedom Constitution. But these problems must be solved to ensure our continuous progress as a nation.


The Philippines loses an average of P357 billion yearly due corruption. It erodes trust in the government and makes an honest business and an honest living harder than it needs to be.

EDSA and Infrastructure

Traffic costs our country P2.4 billion daily of potential income daily. It’s also a major hassle that forces people to spend 4 hours of their day being unproductive.


Every year another hurricane arrives that threaten to the lives and property of millions of people. While hurricane’s can’t be prevented, our response can be improved, especially in regards to disaster relief. People do not need to die because of natural disasters and their aftermath.


Hailed as heroes, OFWs help keep our country afloat despite the problems that rock our economy. However, many of are taken advantage of and left to fend for themselves. OFWs are heroes not martyrs; their well-being must be ensured.


The Philippines has been suffering from an insurgency for a long time and the strife spills over to once peaceful communities. Peace negotiations have continued to fail but a long-lasting peace is crucial for future prosperity.

The election is one of the most pivotal events for the country this year. Let’s take a break from our work to seriously consider our choices.