When to Go Traditional or Digital



Digital or new media has been growing at an incredible rate. Currently, the Philippines has 44 million active Internet users and the numbers are projected to grow even higher. However, traditional media is still powerful. 92% of urban Filipino households and 70% of rural residences own a TV. Additionally, 50% of Filipinos still read the newspapers.

Brands with limited budgets are sometimes faced with a choice: to go with traditional media or with digital. It is not an easy answer.

A Glimpse at Traditional Media

Traditional media has grown with the PR, marketing, and advertising industry. The benefits of print, radio, and TV are well-understood. They reach out to a massive, captured audience, who passively consume the content presented in the respective medium. Personalities in traditional media wield considerable recognition, respect, and trust.

A Look at New Media

Digital media on the other hand is still relatively new. It has only served as a medium for PR, advertising, and marketing since the late 90s. Content is potentially endless. More importantly, the content is talked about: in the site itself or in social media. It creates real-time conversations replicates face-to-face dialogues. Additionally, no one has the same recognition as traditional media personalities, not even bloggers – though they come close. The real influencers are your social networks. Because of the ease of consulting the Internet, most people consult the new media sources before making a purchase.

Facing the Two

The choice between the two boils down to your strategy. A shotgun approach of casting the widest net possible is most effective with traditional media. On the other hand, a targeted approach is easy with new media. It’s possible to create campaigns designed to hook a very specific buyer persona. But the choice isn’t always that easy. A digital marketing campaign that went viral can get more views than a broadcast. And a niche show can target a very specific audience while exposing your brand to others.

To find the best option takes a nuanced understanding of the specific challenges faced by your brand and the benefits of both traditional and new media. If you’re uncertain about media, find a consultant that knows your industry, and the ins and outs of print, broadcast, and the Internet to help guide your decision.