3 Iconic Christmas Campaigns

Christmas is a season of brilliant campaigns, as brands try to make the most out of this period of spending and mass consumerism. From the iconic Coca-Cola polar bear, to the more recent Mog the cat, Christmas is filled with characters and ideas, making it a lot more colorful and memorable.

Although it’s designed to sell or raise awareness about a product, it’s undeniable that these stories really become a part of Christmas. And that’s when we know when a campaign works – when it’s unforgettable and becomes truly associated with the season.

Here are 3 campaigns that are iconic of the holidays:

1. NBA - Jingle Hoops

The NBA had a very unique take on Christmas campaigning in 2013.  With bells tied to basketball nets, NBA superstars shot hoops to the tune of “Jingle Bells”. The simple yet fresh take on Christmas wasn’t your typical tearjerker ad – It felt candid yet it wowed people, basketball fan or not. Its very different depiction makes it stand out among most holiday ads, which appeal more to emotion and are focused on family and love.

2. John Lewis - Monty the Penguin

John Lewis, a department store chain in the UK, has been known for its dramatic Christmas adverts over the past several years. In 2014, their campaign focused on the story of a young boy and his penguin, Monty. A very emotional and touching piece, it utilized effective storytelling to steal the hearts of viewers during Christmas. The multi-channel campaign yielded great results: a 903% increase in online brand consumption for the company and the selling out of Monty the Penguin stuffed toys in less than 24 hours. 

3. Coke - Holidays Are Coming

The Coca-Cola brand has been synonymous with Christmas due to its many successful holiday ads. The Holidays Are Coming campaign is a classic, with the iconic Coca-Cola Christmas truck first appearing in 1995. It has adapted digitally, now utilizing Twitter as a social media platform for its truck tour around the UK. Efforts like these really bring about an experiential side to campaigning, and Coca-Cola throughout the years has mastered incorporating a magical feel to it.  

The experience of Christmas is made so much richer with all these clever brand stories. They help bring about the holiday feeling and, for the ones that really connected with us, invoke feelings of nostalgia. And how does a Christmas campaign achieve this connection? The same can be said as we get into the gift-giving mood - it’s the thought the counts.

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