4 PR Tips for Introvert Brands

Getting Your Brand Out There

Getting Your Brand Out There

Most brands grew without recourse to public relations. Many relied on word-of-mouth. Some were invested in simply bringing their products into the stores, while others got by on advertising and other paid media channels. These "introverted" brands had simply no need for PR.


Eventually, the need for PR becomes essential. Circumstance can force it in some; perhaps they were thrown into a crisis situation that requires skillful media relations. But for most, the acceptance of PR lies in the opportunities that it can provide.

PR has often been treated by brands as advertising's poor cousin. It is viewed as a support function, a quick fix, or a source of media stories that don’t necessarily add to brand persona.

But that view can't be sustained anymore.  Attention-grabbing taglines and catchy tunes are not enough. Consumers now feel the need to relate with a brand before they purchase its goods or services.As product evangelist Guy Kawasaki said, "Brands are built on what people are saying about you, not what you're saying about yourself."

To enter public relations successfully, an introverted brand should start with these.

Build a Brand Story

A brand story goes beyond any written copy. It's the heart of your brand and explains its motivations, objectives, and history. It's the narrative that consumers can relate and that can even raise employee morale.

Formulate a Message

A unified brand message helps ensure that all your communications moves in one direction. Create a proposition that can carry the product forward to the target demographic. Add an emotional appeal to capture their heart.

Get Ready with Content

The public needs stories, not simple declarations, to influence their buying decisions. It will take time to convince them. During that period, there is a need for a continual stream of high-quality content to draw their attention again and again to your brand.

Trust The Experts

An introverted brand can't turn into PR pros in a day or even a year. Yet it's never too soon to start laying foundations. Find and hire experienced experts to guide your first steps into public relations.

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